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  1. dibbul

    NFR NFC for 2020

    Im off to Rockaway Beach too. First festival, second weekend of the year....Get in! Anyone been? Any tips for RB?
  2. I Like LDR but at Latitude 2019 she was woeful. People were leaving in droves. I really wanted to enjoy it and just left after 30 mins She was also 20 mins late for a headline set!
  3. dibbul

    Coach E-Ticket

    Anyone know what is acceptable ID on the coach to get your ticket?
  4. Verve 2008 Blur 2009 Nick Cave 2013 Beth Orton - Avalon 2014 Kasabian headline slot
  5. What mobile phone chargers do people use that they really rate and think are great? Im looking for a big capacity that's really reliable so it lasts the whole festival.
  6. See my post above about a different way to search. Worked for me
  7. This worked! Thank you!!!! Reading people see the above.
  8. For those of you travelling from Reading (like me) I contacted See asking them when times would be provided rather than just coach and seat numbers. I received the below not very helpful reply... HelloYou will be able to see your coach information by logging in to your deposit booking via the customer service link below; if not listed currently it will appear within the next few days.The official coach eticket will be generated and sent to each person on the booking within the next two weeks.Kind RegardsAndy BurtonCustomer RelationsSEE Tickets
  9. Has anyone going from Reading got their coach times? on the see website or by email?
  10. Has anyone received an actual coach times email yet or is the booking look up the only way to see? Theres at least 3 Reading people on here who have coach numbers and not times. Summat weird ? Also can anyone say from exactly where does the Reading coach leave from? Cheers
  11. Tom, Thank you for the reply. I feel better now knowing its not just me Coach 30 suddenly doesn't seem at all bad in the light you are on 242! Wowsa. Hope you get the time you want.
  12. Im going from Reading. Deposit booking says Coach 30 and seat number but no departure time. Anyone else got this?
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