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  1. Hey guys, Going to Exit the month before Sziget (and Melt in Germany )but also quite fancy this too. We would be flying from London to Budapest which wouldnt be a problem as easyjet have this covered. Just a few questions though...Is there a dance stage like Exit as we arent into bands and stuff? We would be arriving on the Thursday, is this too late to take in all the fest? I take it like Exit its too hot to camp so where would everyone recommend for accomodation, thats close to the venue? Many thanks
  2. Hi , We are doing the same route from Exit to Melt. Have tickets for both and will be flying from Luton to Budapest arriving in the afternoon on the Wednesday We are also undecided what to do in the four days between the two festivals.. After banging our 'eads together we have decided (probably) to get a bus at midday to Budapest , book a hotel that night, hang around city next day , then leave that same night to Berlin. Will spend a couple of days there on the Wednesday and Thursday then head to Melt on the Friday . Leave on the Monday for Berlin for trip back to the UK. Though would of been cool to head to the dam for a couple of days but I think we're gonna be partied out by then What ave you decided on ?
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