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  1. Joe Goddard confirmed as support!!!
  2. Anyone know if the live Add Registration page (one that went this AM) was killed last year after the secret resale until October? My hope is that it wasn't and only reason they have done it now is to prep for something...
  3. Hot Chip Remembers Prince - 1230am on Friday Could this be the piece that points LCD to a different spot from Fri other headliner as Al Doyle would likely be there for the above? Or is it 1+1=9
  5. Al Doyle looked like he had the best time of his life last year with Hot Chip (along with me and everybody else in West Holts), so swings and roundabouts. Lets not panic lads, its in the bag.
  6. Being annoying, pedantic and protective but didn't they Sub the Other Stage that same Summer?
  7. HERE GOES..... Dance Yrself Clean Movement Get Innocuous! Daft Punk Is Playing at My House Us Vs Them Losing my Edge Sound of Silver Tribulations North American Scum All My Friends 45.33 Pt 1 Someone Great Home Yeah New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
  8. My thought process Hmmm people are making some good points about the LCD setlist being tight >>>>> What songs would I cut >>>> Yep, this 25 I have written down is too many >>>> 1.5 hours is stupid!! >>>> Maybe if they headline the Pyramid they will get 1.45 hours, 2 more whole songs!!! >>>> Lets ask the group if its feasible >>>> Nope
  9. I'm clearly an obsessive maniac of a fan, so not speaking without bias. BUT Is it really, completely, madly out of the question they could headline the Pyramid? They are literally on top of the bill at nearly every major festival in Europe, Coachella and also Bonarooo It would certainly look a progressive/interesting booking alongside Muse/Coldplay/Adele/Radiohead?
  10. This strongly conflicts with the 9 hour Despacio DJ set, followed by 3 Hour Other Stage headline set and then back to Despacio for another 3/4 hours I have penciled in my clashfinder?
  11. Think we can all box this off as a 1.5 hour gig now. Can we get the lads to update Clashfinder?
  12. Hot Chip got a decent 1.5 on West Holts last year So due to lazy comparisons between style of music, body of work and Al Doyle playing, I would hope for something similar.
  13. Can they just play for three hours please Add to the above: North American Scum, NYILY, Someone Great, 45:33 Pt 1 (Shame on You), DANCE YRSELF CLEAN, Home, Get Innocuous, Losing my Edge That still leaves out Sound of Silver, Time to Get Away, You Wanted a Hit and them playing anything new!!! The Coachella setlist will be interesting
  14. Now confirmed for Bonaroooo and Primavera......can we all agree now that this is happening?
  15. I don't think I have been more excited about the (possibility) of seeing anyone ever. I was really lucky to be given the Long Goodbye box set vinyl for Christmas, and have been getting goosebumps playing it and imagining how amazing it would be at glasto. This really does need to happen now.
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