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  1. Totally agree. Probably not possible to squeeze Disturbed's set between Korn and SOAD?? Andy Copping should know well at this stage that it generally isn't the lineup that annoys fans, it is the clashes. This year some potential nightmare clashes include: Lacuna Coil/Frank Carter, Offspring/Kiss, Mastodon/Alter Bridge/KSE/ Maiden. Whatever about clashes earlier in the day between the main and second stage stage times should be alternated later in the day to avoid these nightmare clashes like other festivals such as Graspop or Pinkpop. What do people think??
  2. Really wanted to make Pinkpop last year. Had the best line-up in Europe imo. Anyways, quick question. Are camping stools allowed into the arena?? I know they are for RW but can't find anything online for Pinkpop. Thanks.
  3. In the past it has been a few days before. Don't know why they can't issue them earlier. As I said in a previous post other festivals around the same time or later already have theirs up e.g. Hellfest and Rock Werchter and they are on in the weeks after Download. If anyone is on Twitter could they ask Andy Copping what the story is. Maybe some gentle prodding will work!!
  4. Good to see STP moved up on the Saturday. Graveyard seem to have disappeared from the Sunday though which is a bummer.
  5. Really hope they post stage times with this morning's announcement. Don't know why they hold this info back until the week of the festival. Other festivals like Pinkpop and Hellfest have already announced set times. Get on the case Download.
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