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  1. Did he write the first statement though, I wouldn't say so unless he worded it in third person. The way fans of the band are sticking up for him on the Twitter thread is making me extremely angry. Saying how they shouldn't "kick a man when he's down". Actual words used. Saying how if their mate of 23 years did this they wouldn't disown them but support them in getting their life back on track. Sorry, maybe I'm different. I've had to log off Twitter for the night before my blood boils too much.
  2. See, I disagree. I don't think it was handled well in the slightest. Why couldn't they have just come out with this statement today? Instead of garnering thoughts and well wishes for him yesterday. No need of it. They could have just come out with a statement today. Or said that he left the band sooner, not the day before court. Also the Tweet he posted on his own account sums him up for the person he is, thanking fans and saying he's doing well and in a good place. What a prick.
  3. I naively thought 2020 would go ahead when we were in December/January. I wouldn't even like to say about next year. They way it's dragging on and people are crying out for lockdown extensions and media hype it really wouldn't shock me at this stage if it didn't I hope I'm proved wrong because it's really getting to me now.
  4. Sick of all the speculation about second waves. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but the way it's dragging on I can't see festivals going ahead next year at this rate Really getting to my mental health now. There's literally no end in sight. If there was no such thing as COVID in the media the amount of cases and deaths wouldn't even be public knowledge. Come winter everyone will be saying it's COVID-19, the same as they do now when they have a cold and say it's the Flu.
  5. With the 2021 line-up already being considered prior to this year's being cancelled, and then a lot of this year's being rolled over to next year, what's the chances of the festival putting on more music on Thursday to retain more of 2020 and 2021's acts? Would 4 full days-worth be feasible? Or is it a licensing issue?
  6. D-Low

    How do you feel?

    Never apologise. Sorry to hear this. Sending thoughts your way. I'm not sure anyone will be able to say anything that will be able to ease the pain, but it really does sound like he had the best of times at Glastonbury and I'm sure, as most of us who have been lucky enough to go will know, that means the world. I hope you are able to attend the festival in future years when you are strong enough and his memories can live on through you knowing the enjoyment the festival brought him
  7. Absolutely fretting and back and forth Tesco for the umteenth time for last minute things I keep forgetting (and remembering). Car would be almost packed up now ready to set off at 2am. I'm beyond sad. I really thought I was okay and had come to terms with it. I actually watched a short 10 minute documentary yesterday about Glastonbury and I cried. What is it with this wonderful magical place that has such an emotional hold over us?
  8. Brings me so much joy (and mostly sadness) looking at these on the eve before leaving to head down to the site 😢
  9. D-Low

    The Weather Thread 2020

    Just the thought of missing all those eye watering beautiful sunsets all weekend is really hurting right now 😢 I did the same. Maybe we're to blame for this good turn of weather
  10. D-Low

    The Weather Thread 2020

    I was staring to get over my sadness for this year but seeing how glorious the weather looks next week is breaking my heart. It looks slightly cooler than last year but with plenty of sun 😢 absolutely devastated and sadness reinstated all over again.
  11. I'm intrigued to see how Thrope Park distancing measures are going to be implemented. Will be interesting to see considering you still can't meet up within 2 metres or people. Also I've completely written this year off for live music, does anyone else still find it strange promoters are booking tours and events September onwards? How naive I was to think this would be over in a month or two when it first emerged at the start
  12. How far does it go though? Yes Black Lives matter. And I have always supported these events. But because I disagree with these protests (or rather more correctly I disagree with any form of mass gatherings which could extend our lockdown and delay a return to normality) I am being called a racist? I watched the local ones here on some videos on social media and there was absolutely no social distancing, it was just like a giant party with all friends meeting up drinking and dancing to music. Some wearing masks. Most had their masks down all laughing and dancing filming on their phones not even there for the real meaning behind it. Made me angry to watch - because these are the same people who won't send their kids to school and were moaning about the anti-lockdown protests the other week which thankfully never happened.
  13. Is there any evidence of a second peak? I'm hearing it being thrown around everywhere. Yet there's no scientific evidence of anything of the sort anywhere in the world at present. Yes there are new cases but that is to be expected. Flu never goes away. Also forgive my naiveness but I thought the lockdown was to stop the peak hitting hospitals and overwhelming them, not to stop us catching it? Which it has achieved.
  14. Driving to test his eyesight? Heard it all now.
  15. 👍 I never did say I agree with the length of jail time. It just highlighted how relaxed our government has been about it. Which in turn will delay the lockdown further because nobody bothered to pay it any attention anyway thus pushing the daily stats up.
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