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  1. Seems to be quite a few decent options at the moment. Just booked one now with no upfront payment just in case the situation improves following Glasto's cancellation. As much as I'd like to go again though I can't help but feel August is too optimistic. Do we think the main music days will be Thurs, Fri and Sat? Or Weds, Thurs and Fri?
  2. The new dates actually work really well for me. I'd booked that week off for Reading anyway. But I don't know if it's even worth booking flights and a hotel at the moment. I think it's very optimistic to be aiming for August currently.
  3. Fuming at this. Why have they got to bin the Birmingham date for? They're in the country. What a piss take.
  4. Apparently all the beaches near me were packed again this morning. It's a joke. What part of this aren't people getting. All we have to do is stay at home. It's really not difficult. Or so it would seem. I guess these people can't see that by them going out is just prolonging this further and further.
  5. I genuinely thought the world would see a turning point by now, optimistic I know. Was debating purchasing tickets considering it's late August following Glastonbury's cancellation but not sure if I should bother now.
  6. Anyone else feel a panic by not needing to do anything? I know it says they will automatically roll over but what if I missed the sentence that said I had to apply in writing. What if I missed that check box. Panicking over nothing by here 😂
  7. I'd love nothing more to turn up and camp with everyone in a field somewhere nearby, couple of crates of beer, some music - at risk of the police shutting it down quickly as an illegal rave. But as others have said probably unwise. And would be rather unwelcome from local residents I'd imagine.
  8. Thanks. You’re doing a great job! I just wish the public weren't such complete tools.
  9. Can we go back to just before Christmas when no one had heard of Coronavirus and we had a summer to look forward to Sam Fender has just postponed his shows (would have been my 4th time trying to see him live, admittedly not his fault). Bon Iver has posted a statement saying they're doing everything they can but that will ultimately be postponed/cancelled next month. Constant panic buying and no food left in the shops. More and more people in work self-isolating. Feeling really down today. As others have said though allowing tickets to transfer over has been a massive relief.
  10. Hoping the virus dies down, Will probably try and book an air bnb somewhere nice in the UK. If it completely dies down then maybe a cheap holiday somewhere. Last fallow year I at least had Primavera to fill the gap. The way it's going I don't think I'll be even leaving the house
  11. This is all relative though. These are unprecedented times and will likely ultimately leave this country in a very different shape but people can certainly feel upset over this without feeling guilty. Yes. It's just a festival and we should be grateful we're living and breathing but it does mean a hell of a lot to some people on here and sometimes for those with low mood and depression (myself included) it is a focus point of the year, if not the only thing dragging them through work every day. I can appreciate both sides of the argument. Hell, there shouldn't even be an argument. People should be allowed to be upset.
  12. Must keep the faith that they follow suit like Blue Dot honouring tickets. It's all we have left
  13. I'd be equally devastated with a rescheduled date. I'd never get the time off work. Not sure why people are slating others for feeling deflated though. This festival means everything to me. I've never been one for holidays or going abroad often so this was technically my annual break away. I work all year and so many factors have to align for me to be on the farm from time off work, family health, gaining a ticket. To have it snatched from us in such cruel circumstances that are completely out of our hands is devastating.
  14. Absolutely devastated. Words can’t comprehend. This year has been a total fucking write-off. Who’d have thought a virus would be the reason I wouldn’t go to Glastonbury. Not in a million years. if they cancel tickets too that will be horrendous. Praying. Crossing everything tickets carry over.
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