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  1. D-Low

    The National

    I was this certain with Bon Iver this year with him playing UK and EU dates and that never happened so not getting my hopes up just yet but I'd love nothing more. Crossing everything.
  2. Never known any other musician to cancel so many shows. Gutted as I was meant to see him in Cardiff Friday but seems to have cancelled the rest of the tour. That would have been the fourth time I've tried to see him now and he's cancelled. Health comes first though and hope he gets better. I'm just annoyed as I have tickets for his tour in March but it's in an arena which will be fucking shite like every other arena gig. The popularity he's got recently I was really looking forward to seeing him for probably the last time in a small-ish venue. Would he really reschedule this tour so close to his March tour which covers a lot of the same cities? Would seem pointless.
  3. D-Low

    The National

    Fantastic show. I normally hate the Motorpoint (still don't love it) but the sound was on point where I was standing, vocals were sounding great. 2 Hours and 15 minute set list too. Absolutely blinding. I really enjoy the new album too so was a great mix of tracks. Also never seen a singer come that far in to the crowd before either walking right past me, apparently served at the bar (not my photos). Really hoping they are at Glastonbury next year now again.
  4. D-Low


    Anyone else get an email from See over the weekend. Anyone who bought tickets seems to have free album download codes and physical copies (just pay for postage). "Please remember each unique code can only be used once to redeem a single copy of 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 2'. If you already own a copy please feel free to share with family, friends, colleagues or indeed anyone who needs their record collection improving!" Not seen this offered by any artists before. Decent that is.
  5. I really enjoyed Citadel as a festival. It had a different feel to most other indie festivals (Field Day died for me a long time ago and now has become more electronic, and I'm yet to experience APE). Shame to see it go, always had a good line-up.
  6. Seen the announcement get some stick on Twitter, the usual "glad I didn't get tickets now with that dross Paul McCartney + Diana Ross yawn". I've come to realise you literally can't please everyone. People will moan and complain about anything. Especially those without tickets. It's Paul Fucking McCartney for crying out loud. I'm too young to have grown up in the Beatles era (so could be elsewhere when he's on) but that's a fantastic booking regardless.
  7. I feel a trip coming on to the police station tomorrow, My Waterstones pre-order at £30 was daylight robbery. May even take it back for a refund and re-purchase here. Thanks
  8. D-Low


    What a steal. Those prices are ridiculously cheap. Just wish I was living anywhere remotely near Leeds. Here's to holding out their tickets this week will be sub £50 each (wishful thinking)
  9. My point exactly. All I done this year was press f5 on one browser. I had one open in Chrome on auto fresh and one on firefox that I pressed f5. Got through on firefox. You stick your head in to the tips and tricks thread and your mind will be blown the theories and so called tips everyone is coming out with. At the end of the day it means nothing.
  10. I know the gig has been now but I second the Vic. Spent many a good nights there before Snobs. Real cool place and great music!
  11. See, it really scares me they are even looking in to the system. The system is NOT broke. Yes its painfully frustrating. Yes missing out is heartbreaking (I've missed a fair good few years). Yes refreshing f5 for what feels like hours but is a mere 30 minutes is soul destroying. But it works. People buy tickets. People get through to the booking page. Just not everyone. It's the fairest it can be. If see tickets got more servers to avoid the crashing then the tickets would just sell out faster, nothing more and people would still be upset. You can't possible please everyone. There isn't an infinite number of tickets. All this ballot talk terrifies me.
  12. Went with two friends a few years back and they appeared to have a good time. The next year we all got tickets again and they gave theirs up before the re-sale. For no good reason either, just weren't feeling it. It felt almost sacrilege knowing how many people who genuinely want to go miss out on tickets and there they were with both with them in the bag and they couldn't be arsed going. I do appreciate it's not for everyone. I, on the other hand knew from my very first time I'd be nowhere else in June.
  13. The system works. Tickets sell. People do actually get them. It might not seem fair at all when you don't get them, I've missed out myself for years in the past. But it's the best it's ever going to get in my opinion. Supply will always be outstripped by demand. It's a sad truth and everyone seems to forget that.
  14. I hope not. This would be horrendous news. A fully complete ballot system would be one of the worst things they could ever do. Missing out on tickets due to the website is one thing, everyone's chances would be slashed.
  15. That was horrible this morning. Still hasn't fully sunk in. Was losing all faith, every time the page lagged by a second on refreshing my heart fluttered. Nothing. Page error. Then suddenly in. Page froze so had to press backspace. Re-submitted and it went to payment page. Then page timed out again so another back space. Finally went through. Scariest moment I've ever had buying tickets. Didn't help I was trying for 5 others too and normally it's just me and my gf so copy and pasting 6 reg/post codes was feeling like time had gone slow motion.
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