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  1. D-Low

    Ticket Sale Date

    Telling people the wrong date - improves chances Telling people the wrong date - karma wont see fit to let me have tickets It's a lose lose situation. Anybody else have random ticket thoughts pop in to their head at odd times throughout the day and then have their stomach do backflips with nerves?
  2. Not sure I'd be tempted to want to camp near the pier anyway. There's literally no privacy with people staring down in to your tents, which is fine for me but I'm sure not everyone wants to see me in my pants having a make-shift wash in the morning.
  3. D-Low

    The 1975 2020

    They have the albums. The audience. Stage presence. Visual elements. Like them or hate them they could easily headline. I used to be a big fan, not so much these days with the scream one direction-esque kiddy fans. I still think it's mad how they came out with a few singles before and didn't get the response they needed the first time around. Quickly disappeared. Few years later they re-released 'Sex' and the rest is history. Strange how things work out, right place right time.
  4. Saw a picture of the walled garden stage last night. Actually sad it's become a proper big stage now, Used to love that area, felt really intimate and was almost hidden away. Hope the rest of the weekend's weather holds out for anyone going. I drove past the site on Wednesday and I was gutted I wasn't going this year
  5. Will also add that the porch area would be absolutely useless should it have rained. There were massive gaps around the bottom of the zips when done up so a river would have awoken to large puddles. Thankfully the weather gods were nice to us. I had a Vango tent last time and it was similarly sized but the porch area was designed so much better. I'm glad I got a refund, plus it was £180 when I purchased it.
  6. D-Low

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Anybody else still thinking how unbelievably lucky we were with the weather this year the more they think about it? Yes it was hot, the infamous Saturday heat almost unbearable on times but what were the chances of a completely bone-dry weekend. Not a single drop of rain whatsoever. The more I look at it with these cancelled festivals and how awful the weather was in June in the lead-up (I was beginning to forget what the sun looked like for a moment) and how terrible it's been since after, the unpredictability of it all. Damn we were lucky and I'm so thankful.
  7. D-Low

    Bon Iver 2020

    I thought with the amount of shows they were doing in Europe they were pretty much nailed on for this year. I was gutted when that final line-up came out. We go again with anticipation for next year.
  8. D-Low


    Based on that 30 second clip i’m Very excited.
  9. I've been having these exact same thoughts since I've got back from the festival too. It really opens your eyes up and you see a much bigger, better and brighter world out there. I'm 29 now and work in an insanely busy office environment. I used to deal with primarily incoming calls and the queues would be constant with only a second 'beep' in-between customers from the moment I started my shift to when I went home. It was relentless. I've recently managed to get a backfill role supporting another department but my god it's boring. I honestly sit there for 40 minutes waiting for an email or call to come through, all before another 40 minute wait for the next job/task. I honestly feel like they could do without me it's that quiet. It might sound great to have such an quiet job but believe me I'd rather be busy, the boredom is absolutely soul destroying. No one really talks to each other except about work. Everyone eats their lunch at their desk so I tend to sit in my car (I just need to get away from that chair and desk for a change of scenery). I'm mentally exhausted when I come home and just want to sleep. I constantly have tension headaches and the only time I don’t is on weekends or annual leave. I feel completely trapped because the only jobs out there in my vicinity have either way worse hours or way less pay and I get a generous amount of leave that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. There's no happy balance and I need a push to move away. I've become comfortable even though I hate it. Glastonbury is a massive part of my life but there has to be more out there - I can't continue to go year by year waiting on that sole one weekend of happiness.
  10. D-Low

    Old wristbands? Guide?

    I actually hope it never goes cashless. Found it horrible in the past, bad experiences at Pitchfork Paris but then again maybe it's because the app was in French so I had to queue up just to load a card. And then it's ridiculous having to wait for a refund. Scannable to allow easier re-entry I'm fine with. Just please don't ever go cashless.
  11. Excuse my naivety but a genuine question so hope I don't get hated on for it, but that plane would be flying with or without you on it. Empty seats or no empty seats. Surely by me not being on a particular flight has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on pollution? Unless you can directly get the airline to reduce flights/cease flying. The same amount of planes will be travelling to those destinations daily.
  12. D-Low

    Any videos?

    How did I miss these guys. Take me baaaaack
  13. D-Low

    Photos please

    Saw these posted on Reddit. Some excellent shots, all credit to the photographer of course - more on the link http://www.allerorts.de/fotos/glastonbury-festival-big-pictures
  14. Jealous of everyone being able to book leave for next year already. Leave is just one of many many things that must align in order to be lucky enough to attend Glastonbury. There's a girl who went this year from my team and talk of another woman trying next year. I was shitting myself last year thinking they might not let us both off. Now this. I'm really worried. And I can't book leave until January/February either. My place is a joke.
  15. Not my scene but £73.50 to stand is taking the fucking piss. This has literally become the norm now. Arena's have to be the worst gig environment ever and they cost an absolutely obscene amount all for the privilege of an echoing hall with awful room acoustics and shite atmosphere.
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