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  1. Autocorrect on my phone. Can appreciate his music style certainly just not really my cup of tea at the festival. All this aside, it's definitely not the worst line-up in 10 years. And it's a shame its being slandered for the balance. As others have said I think a lot of people seem to forget this is the least amount of acts announced on the first poster in a long time. There's still plenty to come. Not to mention the hundreds of DJ's comedians and other stuff going on.
  2. Have to agree with this aside from JJ and Laryn Hill. I went through the line up over the weekend listening to the names I’ve not heard of and they were mostly dire (not slaying the poster as there are some great names on there) and not just woman as well. Bcuc, little simz, stefflon Don, Rosalia, sons of kemet, lizzo, Jamaal Washington. Appreciate everyone has their own taste but sorry, not my cup of tea.
  3. Just remembered, James Blake.
  4. Same. I resent Ally Pally as a venue so didn't bother with tickets for there and no other date has been feasible. Was really holding out for this
  5. Was really hoping for Bloc Party and seeing as they're playing in Bristol June 28th thought they would be pretty much nailed on (except they went and booked in Brighton the 29th annoying).
  6. D-Low


    Because his recent album/music sounds like it’s a children’s singalong album.
  7. D-Low

    2019 Headliners

    Out of these three headliners I don’t doubt it. But you are right.
  8. D-Low


    George Ezra should be stuck on a stage in the kidzfield where he belongs and it would free up a nice space for Foals. Gutted to not see them on the first announcement.
  9. D-Low

    2019 Headliners

    Lot of people on social media excited by the killers? I’m sorry but they’ve just finished touring pretty much everywhere. And hey played a (not so) secret set. So not sure what warrants them worthy as headliners? Happy with the cure though, even though we knew they were pretty much nailed on from day one.
  10. 2015 or 2016? The year it rained and the mud was never ending. Leaving the car park on the Monday and feeling very worse for wear, seeing all the lovely people dropping their items to run over and help push me and all the other cars wheel spinning on the paths, helping keep us inline, made me well up. I was already in a real emotional and fragile state and this was a beautiful Glastonbury moment. Some people are actually alright in this world you know - and Glastonbury seems to have a lot of the good folk in attendance.
  11. D-Low

    The National

    Still shocked they found the time to pen a new album, doesn't seem like they've come off touring since Sleep Well Beast's campaign started. Hyped for this though! There's no doubting their work ethic.
  12. D-Low

    Keith Flint (Prodigy)

    Remember seeing them years ago at a festival. Waited all day and the rain was so bad they closed the main stage where they were due to play. Keith and the band insisted on performing so they moved in to a tiny tent. I remember being crammed at the back, way over capacity bodies almost bursting out the seams. Can still feel the energy and sweat dripping off the roof to this day - and was probably the catalyst for my love of live music and festivals. Such terribly sad news reading all the comments and tributes Keith seemed like a generally lovely guy.
  13. My heart went for a moment earlier when they tweeted this about plastic bottles. That'll teach me for having notifications on and just seeing a small picture with lots of writing on https://twitter.com/GlastoFest/status/1100802808272617473
  14. D-Low


    The trees concept sounds cool. I've really missed the micro venues Especially last year, there was just way too much open space and it just felt empty. Hopefully this should bring back some of its uniqueness. Loved finding the 'Shrinel Richie' bar the year he played that was completely decked out in Lionel Richie artefacts and the Tattoo bar where you had to have a tattoo to enter. Things like this made my Glastonbury for me and can't wait for all the first timers in my group to experience it. It's what set it apart from other festivals.
  15. Terrible news thought she would be nailed on to play this year. Gutted. Would've bought tickets to see her but I absolutely despise Ally Pally as a music venue.
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