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  1. Who do we want? I'm thinking acts like: Olly Murs A-ha Erasure King princess
  2. We have a syndicate with multiple groups of 6. A complete stranger bought my ticket today. Very lucky and extremely grateful. Will still be trying in resale for others on our list who missed out.
  3. Liking the sound of this Cat Power song. is she defo playing West Holt? Do we know when?
  4. Lauren Hill must be a shoe in for WH headliner given her newly announced dates. Very excited by this!
  5. I'll be getting the coach from Taunton 6:15am tomorrow. Actually glad to missed the heat on site today and hoping for no or very small queue when I arrive.
  6. Do we really think The Killers will be very special guests in JP tent on Sunday? That video of him being interviewed by radio x (I think?) did seem like he was hiding a big secret. Would be amazing if it was them
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