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  1. With everything that is going on, the pressure on our public services, workers and the vulnerable people in our society, it is hard to know how upset you're allowed to be in this situation. A glimpse at the news agenda at the moment offers plenty of perspective. From a personal standpoint, I find social interaction and events to be a central part of managing my own mental health, so to have so many major dates gutted from the calendar is hard to accept. I'm sure like many others, I am just trying to see the other side of things, looking forward to when a degree of normality returns to our society. Of course, things are likely to get worse before they get better but I take great comfort from the idea of a light being at the end of the tunnel. Goodness knows if any of the above makes any sense. Roll on 2021.
  2. Given how adverse some often are about paying the full ticket balance (many of which are outside the Efests hub) when they don't know the full line-up, I would expect the pressure on the festival to release an official position (the statement to Somerset Live won't have been seen by many) will ratchet up in the coming weeks leading up to April 1. I don't think it is in their ethos to allow the deadline to pass, let people not pay the full balance amid their own concerns, and merely let the resales hoover up the rest of the tickets. We're going to get a swerve on where this is going, from the festival's perspective, pretty soon.
  3. Tuesday, March 31 8:30am 77 acts
  4. Nirvana at Reading ‘92 or Rage Against the Machine at Reading ‘96. All the killer.
  5. I don’t necessarily believe there is one. I go with several people who don’t do a jot of exercise all year, rock up to the festival and go hard. They’re hurting afterwards, of course, but they make the sacrifice. Having said that, though I train all year round I do some specific Glastonbury exercises about two months beforehand. Generally includes carrying kettlebells or a sandbag on a treadmill, while on a steep incline. Would suggest focusing on your core too.
  6. Album: Karen O - Lux Prima Song: Foals - White Onions Glastonbury Set: Kylie Non-Glastonbury Gig: Interpol - All Points East Film: Toy Story 4 TV Show: Big Little Lies Book: Glastonbury 50 Game: Meme Game eFester of the Year 2019: @Gnomicide for running off the Glastonbury matrix like a drug addict.
  7. As someone who doesn’t feel equipped to put together comprehensive predictions across the big five stages, this is a decent go. In December. We’ll see worse between now and the big weekend.
  8. Never been overly bothered about who the Pyramid headliners are, but always keen to see that the festival are pursuing and securing the best acts available. There is little doubt in my mind that they have done that this year with this trio. Taylor and Kendrick are not to my taste but they’ll put on a superb show and are undoubtedly there on merit. Macca is a great terrific alternative which taps into the festival’s tradition. They tick every box. Credit to Emily and Nick for going for two acts who have never done the festival before. It would have been tempting to go safe with artists who have done it previously but they’ve been bold and booked vibrant, (relatively) fresh and exciting acts. Bodes well for the future.
  9. Unless I am missing something quite significant from the various interviews this week, I can't deduce anything from Emily's recent comments that completely rules out Macca. She clearly stated the two headliners which are booked have not played before. The third could, of course, still be either.
  10. The atmosphere for sub-headliners on the Pyramid is very odd at times. Almost feels like people are positioning themselves for the headliner rather than actually watching the act. And you can sense that the artists feed off that and it contributes to some lukewarm performances. Friends of mine said George Ezra and Liam Gallagher was decent however. But seldom in my experience has it felt like people are watching and engaging with what is going on in front of them during that slot.
  11. If there is no ‘official’ outdoor screening I imagine T&C will be your best bet for this.
  12. Granted they have an hour slot to fill but are we assuming the setlist for this Park show will purely be the new album in full like the Kingston shows which immediately precede it? Obviously the current tour has included older stuff. ENSMBL is 39 minutes long but once you factor in breaks between songs, the odd extension and the fact they won’t play the full hour that probably ends up filling the whole slot quite nicely. Not a complaint, I think the new record bangs. Interested to hear what others think.
  13. Most of the TBAs are on there too now, though not the Strummerville Thursday evening one.
  14. And make sure you don’t move. It becomes nothing short of chaotic on Thursday around WG, to the point that I’m not even bothering with that part of the site this year. Hope a few other distractions will ease the crowd issues
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