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  1. Epic day back in Leeds - probably the best single day, multi-venue city festival I’ve been to. Every act felt like they were at the top of their game and genuinely thrilled to be there. For some of course this isn’t their first gig back but it certainly felt like many of them were getting in touch with something. Thanks to @sacred shape for recommending Stone, who kicked the day off nicely. Followed that with Courting, Spyres, The Big Moon, Hamish Hawk, Sports Team, Feet and The Murder Capital. Caught the back end of a few other artists who all seemed to smash it too. I noticed that the fest didn’t sell out of general admission tickets, and venues were filled without feeling that it was overwhelming. I think only Oporto and Brudenell had to adopt a one in, one out policy for a few acts. There were a few late withdrawals (Goa Express on the day) but that is understandable. All in all it was a great way to sign off the year, if that indeed ends up being my final live experience.
  2. Disappointed that there is no Friday night affair for ticket holders as per previous years. Wristband exchange only on Saturday morning now too. Don't want to complain too much because it is one of the last chances to get involved in a multi-venue city festival in what has been a difficult year. but hope we get a full fat version of LAL from 2022. Looking forward to another packed day. might be my last live music of the year so will be making the most of it.
  3. Very welcome addition and has helped sort out some of my clash/venue travel issues.
  4. The Sherlocks added as the first ‘special’ guest. Not overly inspiring but they’ll pull a decent crowd early doors. Any ideas for the evening TBC? Fancy it might be The Magic Gang but I’m sure there is someone else I’ve missed who have a gap in their schedule.
  5. Not a massive fan myself but think this is a superb booking by the festival. Billie stands for many things that will resonate with Emily and hopefully those that attend Glastonbury and they should be applauded for giving her another platform. I suspect we'll see bookings of headliners gravitate more towards this direction as the pool continues to diminish (Stormzy etc), and that is before you factor in her enormous profile and increasing popularity. Ticks all the boxes for what you want and need from a headliner in 2022.
  6. Anyone heading to the return of LAL in a few weeks? I’ve put together the times on Clashfinder. The festival have released their very own rather average version. Be good to hear of any recommendations anyone has. Looking forward to getting back. https://clashfinder.com/s/liveleeds2021/
  7. Great to get back to a festival and soak up that vibe again. Was probably the highlight of the day. Saw several acts for the first time all of which pulled it out the bag. Arlo Parks (despite the absurd amount of talking from virtually everyone around me wherever I stood), Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Gang of Youths and Nadine Shah were excellent. Sound issues for Foals were reminiscent of other APE days down the years. It needs addressing but their hands might be tied. The site felt extremely busy from early in the afternoon. Strangely, bar The Magic Gang no act felt packed though and the new lay-out of the site I felt worked well. The bars, particularly the one selling draft (which I’m pretty convinced people didn’t know was there) rarely had a queue outside which was great. I didn’t eat but the queues for the paltry amount of food stalls were ridiculous. Pretty much always dictated by the line-up, but I won’t hesitate to return.
  8. Have bought a few tickets in recent weeks but the Royal Blood pre-sale for Hastings was the first time in ages my heart did a little flutter when I was waiting for them to go on sale, crossing my fingers that I'd get through in time. It's the little things.
  9. Some more James summer dates are incoming tomorrow, according to Tim Booth while speaking on BBC 6 Music.
  10. Great vibe, particularly early in the day when the crowd is thin and everyone just sits around the two main stages. Lots of good places to sit in the shade and chat, where the music isn’t too in your face, if you get a gap between acts. Bar queues naturally grow as the day goes on and can be particularly bad where Redchurch is available (maybe that is a coincidence).
  11. Yeah it is Pfizer (have the mixing trials shown any results yet?). The booking system certainly acknowledged the date of the first jab so I was content that the offer was fine. Not sure how rare that is, but interesting given the supply issues and continued efforts to contact the 1-9 group for just their first.
  12. On topic, off topic I’m not sure but Mrs Finn (late 30s, minor health concerns) and MIL (late 60s, no UHC) are getting their second jabs today just six weeks on after their surgery reported “excess supply”. Based in Berkshire.
  13. How many of the 40,000-odd tickets for each day will be made available to the wider public, do we think? Possible that locals and NHS/key worker staff will be given priority, or even exclusive, access.
  14. Mrs Finn (38) is getting her vaccine tomorrow after being contacted over the weekend. Hasn't been identified as vulnerable or anything like that. We're a little bit mystified, to be honest.
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