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  1. The atmosphere for sub-headliners on the Pyramid is very odd at times. Almost feels like people are positioning themselves for the headliner rather than actually watching the act. And you can sense that the artists feed off that and it contributes to some lukewarm performances. Friends of mine said George Ezra and Liam Gallagher was decent however. But seldom in my experience has it felt like people are watching and engaging with what is going on in front of them during that slot.
  2. If there is no ‘official’ outdoor screening I imagine T&C will be your best bet for this.
  3. Granted they have an hour slot to fill but are we assuming the setlist for this Park show will purely be the new album in full like the Kingston shows which immediately precede it? Obviously the current tour has included older stuff. ENSMBL is 39 minutes long but once you factor in breaks between songs, the odd extension and the fact they won’t play the full hour that probably ends up filling the whole slot quite nicely. Not a complaint, I think the new record bangs. Interested to hear what others think.
  4. Most of the TBAs are on there too now, though not the Strummerville Thursday evening one.
  5. And make sure you don’t move. It becomes nothing short of chaotic on Thursday around WG, to the point that I’m not even bothering with that part of the site this year. Hope a few other distractions will ease the crowd issues
  6. Have driven up on the Tuesday night for each of the last three years we’ve been. Terrible nights sleep but found it totally worth it as our entire group was able to camp together. Not for everyone, certainly, but I’d recommend it for anyone part of a large party.
  7. Inclined to agree but such is the way (particularly from the festival themselves) this show is being pushed makes me think there might be something of significance. Let's see.
  8. In addition to a number of European dates they're in Netherlands on Friday the 28th, France on the 29th and Download Madrid on the 30th, which is a shame.
  9. This would be utterly superb. Anything on stage/day? Could be a missing JP headliner.
  10. Thought Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was back from injury for a minute.
  11. Paid off my and Mrs Finn's balance. And ordered toiletries and the like for the week. Trying to spread the cost of everything we need, rather than resting it all on one paycheck. Starting to assess the beer options now in the hope of doing the same thing.
  12. Despite that Twitter ‘like’ mentioned on another thread, this tour more or less rules out Black Honey.
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