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  1. Mrs Finn (38) is getting her vaccine tomorrow after being contacted over the weekend. Hasn't been identified as vulnerable or anything like that. We're a little bit mystified, to be honest.
  2. Apologies if this is an over-intrusive question, but what age category do each of your loved ones fall into? Would be interesting to know if those outside the JCVI top four have started getting jabbed. No obligation to reveal, of course.
  3. Great to read of so many people enjoying Veganuary. Have been vegan for the last year/18 months, after accepting a bet at Glastonbury. If I knew of the benefits I would have converted sooner. I've found food easy to adhere to, but beer is a bit more of a challenge. I've certainly been tripped up a few times unwittingly. I'd be interested to hear from people what they eat for a casual lunch/meal, for example. Cookery books (Bosh etc) are great if you're got a few hours to prepare for a weekend evening meal, but I find the run of the mill Monday-Friday meals with work in between tough to ke
  4. That noise of what sounded like him putting the phone down(?) was quiet jarring. At best, he's not optimistic. I do think he miss-spoke at the start, however, regarding the festival being off already unless something has changed since Emily's interview - which I doubt. I also trust she wasn't withholding anything of that signficance in her own BBC interview. As far as the festival going ahead is concerned, it has been a bad couple of weeks.
  5. I don't think this changes a huge amount as far as the festival in 2021 is concerned, but puts the reality of the situation in the 'clearest' of terms. No one really knows.
  6. If you don’t mind me asking, which club?
  7. An interesting mention, from Michael, of how many cases of Covid there are currently per 100,000 in the surrounding area. "Hopefully that'll be in my favour."
  8. Sorry - meant domestic-based festivals. But fair point.
  9. Totally agree. Others, if they even go ahead, will struggle to match those in the climate.
  10. With everything that is going on, the pressure on our public services, workers and the vulnerable people in our society, it is hard to know how upset you're allowed to be in this situation. A glimpse at the news agenda at the moment offers plenty of perspective. From a personal standpoint, I find social interaction and events to be a central part of managing my own mental health, so to have so many major dates gutted from the calendar is hard to accept. I'm sure like many others, I am just trying to see the other side of things, looking forward to when a degree of normality returns t
  11. Given how adverse some often are about paying the full ticket balance (many of which are outside the Efests hub) when they don't know the full line-up, I would expect the pressure on the festival to release an official position (the statement to Somerset Live won't have been seen by many) will ratchet up in the coming weeks leading up to April 1. I don't think it is in their ethos to allow the deadline to pass, let people not pay the full balance amid their own concerns, and merely let the resales hoover up the rest of the tickets. We're going to get a swerve on where this is going, from
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