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  1. Bar Macca, most of my must-sees are scheduled for Sunday. Which presumably means they'll all clash.
  2. Bimble Inn at The Park. I *think* The Cockmill has had in the past too.
  3. Not that we need much more evidence, but the rate of the announcements lately (and the many still to come) is another reason to think the big one is looming.
  4. Had some time to collect my thoughts on this. Overall, a really stunning day. It was a really good line-up with acts given proper slots and able to showcase the full range of their material. Most of those that were given 30 minutes (that I saw) it suited well, and that continued as the day progressed as the slots got longer, and the acts more established. I won’t go into too much detail on the individual artists but a word for Confidence Man who are not my sort of thing but absolutely smashed it with awesome energy and an engaging performance, and Etta Marcus who played Firth Hall in front of 40-odd people with her mum keeping tabs on time. It was that kind of event. Drinks were well priced and there seemed a really welcoming, warm atmosphere among everyone who attended and worked the fest. No venue was ever packed out or uncomfortable (perhaps because it didn’t sell out) but that was well handled. I only had two minor issues. Drinks not being able to be taken from the free stage, into the public/communal area was a tad over the top. The security occupying the threshold between the two we’re loving every second of stopping people, which didn’t help. And, by my reckoning, the food stalls available were all closed and sold out by 7pm. Indeed, the dedicated vegan place (which was excellent) were down three of their offerings by 2:30pm. This probably needs looking at going forward. I suspect Co-op and others nearby made a killing. Returning would be largely line-up dependent as I am not local, but I’d have no hesitation is recommending it. As a day festival goes for £33 there is little I can fault.
  5. Mrs Finn swears by the frozen cocktails at Bimble Inn. My favourite is the freshly made juice stall on the main road past West Holts. Lovely man, whose name escapes me, runs it.
  6. Some late changes to the line-up, with Sinead O'Brien, Peaness (who have Covid) and Nothingheads pulling out. Wet Man and Wesley Gonzalez have stepped in late doors. Disappointing, but these things happen.
  7. Unless the acts are absolutely unmissable for you, I would recommend skipping the unannounced WG acts on the Thursday. In my experience, unless you’re there hours you’ll be fortunate to get close to the edge of the tent. I’ve stood outside, in view of the act, but unable to hear a jot on a few occasions, which ain’t fun. Additionally, that area gets extremely busy in the late afternoon and early evening and that makes the whole thing difficult to enjoy. After some varied experiences, I missed the 2019 offering completely.
  8. Am I right in saying we're almost completely in the dark re. Park + JP headliners? Primal Scream for Friday JP I think is only thing we have info for.
  9. Anyone heading to this in Sheffield next weekend? Fairly solid line-up, venues close together, beer festival on site, £33 all in and Sheffield is a decent place for breweries and the like. Can't wait to get back into the festival routine.
  10. How many announcements do we think we can expect before The Common on May 6? Two to three would make sense. Unless they squeeze them in towards the end, I feel it is unlikely we get as many as we did in 2019, before we get times etc in (presumably early) June.
  11. Can't see anything announced yet, but Lauren Laverne says Hot Chip are playing four nights at Brixton Academy in September. Tickets on sale this week.
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