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  1. Get the feeling there is going to alot of sad people in this thread Jan 2022
  2. Experts don't expect this to happen till 2024, which is a worry if the festival can survive not happening for that long Pubs etc will surely return as they were before then, but full festivals - esp those with camping on site etc seem like a pipe dream
  3. The way people compare War to a Pandemic is deeply troubling and very strange. Other than that thank you for the more optimistic replies!
  4. Forgive me for being pessimistic here, but it's very hard to see it as it was returning, with that amount of people on top on each other etc Might just be a bleak feeling with today's news and lockdown getting extended in Northern Ireland but - being in a huge crowd of people crammed in like sardines walking to ShangriLa seems like a relic of the past currently.
  5. Same here, honestly hard to see the festival ever happening again "the same as it was before" But as you say, things could be worse 😞
  6. That person here who suggested a British artists only festival will be delighted.
  7. If Boris is openly saying April, we won't be at weddings in the summer never mind a festival
  8. They don't seem to anymore is the fear.
  9. Edited to add that, I either forgot or misunderstood something
  10. Zero chance, Northern Ireland are in what is basically Tier 5 - same as Tier 4 with no outdoor exercise with people outside your own household allowed, for 6 weeks from Boxing Day - with a review after 4.
  11. Would take this over what is currently happening! As long as it's safe ofc
  12. I mean it is relative if you did and are also saying "I’ve questioned the strategy of leaving borders open from the start" Sorry if people are attacking you but I mean - it's hard to understand both things at once
  13. No one will know for sure, but logically youd think so
  14. It's a tiny bit odd they did - they normally don't They must of been getting a serious amount of calls/emails today
  15. Macca Explains his comments the other day
  16. Fair points, but do you see this Government of clowns getting us out of this by 2022?
  17. What I would worry about is what they do if they have to do 2022 with reduced numbers
  18. Some chancer imo looking to look like being in the know when the festival is cancelled Would ignore
  19. 99.99% chance of it, it's better for them if they have the money
  20. That's odd he would say it outta nowhere, but even still he is entitled to his opinion Does make me think wonder if we will get word before a announcement from word getting out they've started asking Artists if they'll play - as it seems McCartney wouldn't
  21. He was probably asked tbf Will be stunned if it happens next year - will be lucky it happens in 2022 with this Governments handling of things
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