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  1. This would be my thought as well. Give Underworld a bit longer and pop in a couple of smaller acts lower down that day
  2. I started this thread last week simply because the BBC article piqued my curiousity and I wasn't sure of how much of an issue it was at festivals in general and Glastonbury specifically. I think we are all aware that there is a proportion of men in wider society who have fairly 'basic' views on women (and fellow men as well to a certain extent), but as a nigh on 60 year old music fan, I was hoping that the proportion who attended music events was significantly lower, if not negligable. I've always felt that music events in general bring out the communal, joyous best of humanity in us all. I have attended festivals on numerous occasions over the years and not really seen anything untoward myself. However, this may be more a reflection of my ignorance / awareness / obliviousness than anything else. This thread has predominantly been a depressing read for me as obviously the issue is ever present, even at the daddy of all festivals. I naively thought everyone had a good time, respected each other and had a life affirming experience - it has always been thus for me. I'm so sad that it doesn't seem to be that for everyone. I'm not sure what the solution is, other than calling out what you see as unacceptable behaviour in the hope that shaming or embarrassing the perpetrator may make them think twice before doing it again, or reporting them to security if you can (not always practical in the massive crowds at festivals). I also read a related article fairly recently about music concerts, and the increase in young girls (18 or less) complaining to security about been groped and felt inappropriately at gigs. Again, I haven't seen this myself, but then my visits to the front of concert halls has diminished as I've got older. I despair sometimes
  3. God, that's depressing. I didn't realise things were so bad
  4. Saw this interesting (and depressing) article on the BBC today. I've never really witnessed anything untoward at Glastonbury, so I was wondering how prevalent it is? I would like to think I would step in if I saw anything untoward going on: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48447964
  5. Nickyboy


    Yep - not doing Glasto this year, but when you look at the line ups at most other festivals, they don't hold a candle to this one.
  6. Same for me. Sunday is going to be challenging due to clashes. Friday and saturday much easier.
  7. Nickyboy

    Day Splits!!

    Thanks. That's helpful
  8. Nickyboy

    Day Splits!!

    Nice one. Thanks for the heads up
  9. If you really feel the need to run then early is definitely the best time. As you know Glasto can get extremely muddy which will exclude most of the site anyway. If I were you the railway line is the best bet for a solid underfoot run. You can go all the way along and back a few times to get a decent distance in. As a few have said, the festival is exercise enough for most. I usually take a step counter and average 45000 steps a day just walking around and dancing.
  10. Thanks guys for the responses, I'll hold on a bit with my mate before deciding
  11. Sorry to be a newbie for Latitude - are we expecting another lineup announcement soon (ie are there more stages) or is what is on here the finalized list? Trying to decide whether to do this festival or Bluedot (same weekend)
  12. Yeah, very poor 'safe' headliners....underbill decent though
  13. I'd add Warpaint, Ryan Adams and maybe Soft Cell?
  14. My first visit to Bluedot, and I really really enjoyed it. The weather helped of course, but I loved the size and vibe of the whole thing. Hard to believe there are only circa 6000 on site, it felt much bigger than that. I thought the area's were split very well, and noise bleed wasn't too bad. Memory Man was correct that the underbill is a little underwhelming, but we spent ages at talks, in the Space field and the Roots area which was great day and night (when the Fire show started). We also did a couple of lunch bar-b-q's which is a first for us. The marshalls came round on Friday to tell everyone about the robberies and warn everyone - it sucks that this happens at such a decent small festival. Favourites were PSB, Flaming Lips, Gary Newman and Chems. Of bands we just wandered in to check out who'd we'd never heard of - these tickled my fancy: Tallsaint (best singer of the weekend), Mush, Park Hotel. Loved it, likely to be back. Had enough of Glastonbury and its crowds
  15. Like many have said, I was there in 2005, sans wellies - converse trainers in 1 foot of water didn't go well. Came home with a horrible rash on my legs from the dirty / unclean water (the sewage got into it) - it was horrific. Took 2 or 3 weeks to clear up and a course of anti-biotics. Never been without wellies since, even 2010, the last scorchio one. Please take wellies, even if you don't wear them. The weather gods can be cruel cruel people.
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