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  1. Haven't been since 2016, but arriving Thursday instead of with the masses on Wednesday makes such a difference. Ok, you miss a day of wandering around, etc. But it means you're still relatively fresh when the bands start on Friday. Its worked for me for a number of the festivals, and I'm 64 this year.
  2. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Great to share comments and thoughts with everyone. Made the TV viewing somehow more connected. Good luck in October guys.
  3. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Always a tough slot before the Headliner on Sunday. I'm sure the bulk heading for food and drink before Kendrick or PSB. She sounds good though
  4. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Good energy from the crowd at Fontaines. Impressive for Sunday.
  5. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Just flipped to Noel Gallagher - crikey an even bigger crowd. Its going to be ginormous for Mr McCartney
  6. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Blimey - Olivia Rodrigo - who knew??? Certainly not this old duffer......quality quality performance
  7. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I tell you what though, the UHD Coverage is brilliant on iPlayer. We watched Sam Fender last night and were blown away with the quality of the pictures and the sound (only got a Sonos Beam soundbar, but it sounded terrific). Kudos to the Beeb
  8. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Flipped to Phoebe Bridgers - much better
  9. Nickyboy

    BBC Coverage 2022

    I really like ST Etienne, but my god the singer is flat as a fart
  10. Green Day could be right, they're in the country doing a few Footie stadiums
  11. Anyone catch Covid whilst they were they there? Interested in the comparison with Latitude and Boardmasters
  12. Sadly the Sunrise stage is the most awkward to get anywhere from. Its round the 'other side' of the Lake and so, even though the BBC stage is probably only 10 minutes away as the crow flies, its probably double that or maybe longer (in crowds) to get to the nearest bridge and over and up to the Sounds tent
  13. Nickyboy


    Sadly I'm afraid you had to book in 2019. You can't just turn up and dive in
  14. Maybe a footnote to most peoples musical experience, but Fountains of Wayne were always one of my favourite US bands. Sad to hear Adam succumbed to the virus. They were so much more than Stacey's Mom. Try this one from their best LP 'Welcome Interstate Managers'
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