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  1. Maybe a footnote to most peoples musical experience, but Fountains of Wayne were always one of my favourite US bands. Sad to hear Adam succumbed to the virus. They were so much more than Stacey's Mom. Try this one from their best LP 'Welcome Interstate Managers'
  2. I got through to Buy Tickets as well - timed out 3 times, and then threw me back to Confirm page - got back through that again - sold out. Gutted.......other group failed as well, 0 / 10 for us
  3. Huddersfield Town - 2 wins in a week!!! Out of the bottom 3.....
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days at the Festival. Its a new one for me. There did seem to be a lot of young drinkers there, mostly celebrating GCSE / A level completions I would imagine. I also was surprised by the number of day tickets (particularly noticable on Saturday) who didn't really seem to be there for the music / arts at all, but more for a sort of alternate Suffolk day out with their kids. It was most noticable at the Obelisk where groups on stage were barely acknowledged, by sometimes large groups of people, in case it detracted from their discussions of local matters. However I loved the layout of the festival grounds and all the different stages and areas to explore, each area with its own distinct feel. The organisers do a terrific job of using the available space very well. Although the camping (we were in the GREEN area) was a major trudge away, even that camping space didn't feel especially crowded. The Sunrise stage had by far the best sound of all stages, so kudos to the sound engineer(s) there. Highlights for me - Foxing (Sunrise), Ider (Sunrise), Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (BBC Sounds), Martha (Lake), Fling (Lake), Zezu (Lake), Underworld (Obelisk). To be honest after years of visiting Glastonbury, all festivals feel small, and less crowded, but I could hear from talking to others that they thought it was much busier than previous years. A return visit may be on the cards for this one, depending on lineup's
  5. Well, I thought the weather gods were pretty kind to us overall. Some drizzle on Friday and heavy rain overnight. The torrential downpour for 20 minutes Saturday afternoon, and that was it!! Ground was pretty decent all weekend as others had advised. I had sandals on each day, and deckshoes for the evenings. Wellies stayed in the car!!
  6. Yep. Forecasts have taken a proper downward turn. Shame
  7. Yep, proper excited now. See you all on the site tomorrow!!!
  8. +1 for Rolling Blackouts. I'm looking forward to Kero Kero Bonito, Martha and Ider too
  9. For those that are interested, I'm pretty happy with the Clashfinder now, timings and set lengths all revised, and all minor stages / areas added. Please take a look, and start 'colouring' if you're that way inclinded!! https://clashfinder.com/s/latitude2019/
  10. You're not wrong of course, but having lost and ruined 2 smartphones (respectively) at festivals, I tend to take a cheap PAYG phone, and use paper schedules these days.
  11. I've updated most of the major stages now (aside from the Music and Film Arena) and there are a few minor ones in the Faraway Forest still to add. I will try and complete these tomorrow. Can some of you guys go in and check that I have got it basically looking ok? Some of the end times of acts are somewhat made up based on when the next one starts, so if anyone knows any different please revise yourself or let me know https://clashfinder.com/s/latitude2019
  12. I've started revising the Clashfinder 2019, but there is still a lot of stages to update. https://clashfinder.com/s/latitude2019 I'll continue for a while longer this evening
  13. You're not wrong, the BBC forecast has been changing by the day. The bad weather is now likely to by Friday overnight into Saturday, and even then the percentages are quite low
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. Good news is the forecasts have perked up today as well:
  15. Interesting question. Not sure who would draw the biggest crowd. Both 90s originating bands. Maybe people will do both? The competition from other stages, although solid, isnt a draw magnet to pull people away once they are there???
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