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  1. It seems that the postman has signed for delivery himself and put in the letterbox of the wrong house and tickets can’t be retrieved as the owner is dead. Totally the postman/post office fault so now waiting for a post office report or letter and see what see tickets can do. My guess is they tell my mate to turn up at a gate/office when we arrive at the festival to plead his case. He’s a little stressed
  2. I’ve got my ticket but a mate is having a nightmare. Postie delivered to number 107 instead of 7 and he has been trying to retrieve the ticket but the guy at 107 has sadly died! Seetickets are being no help apparently. Anybody had any similar ticket delivery disasters?
  3. Black Grape at Blackpool Empress Ballroom - 1996
  4. Friday could be anything then Hot Chip and The Cure. Chemical Brothers are really tempting even though seen them loads of times.
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