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  1. Friday could be anything then Hot Chip and The Cure. Chemical Brothers are really tempting even though seen them loads of times.
  2. We are looking at Wednesday and Thursday, the days when everyone can sit, drink and take it all in being roasting. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday when you need to wiz between stages being a bit cooler but still pleasant. This sounds like perfect festival weather! It's all too good to be true. It can't be real.
  3. Holy shit, that sounds hotter than 2010 was.
  4. Perfect weather for running through fields of wheat.
  5. Everything's coming up roses
  6. I still wake up screaming with the memory of this
  7. Spot on.
  8. That wasn't certain till close to it. If I remember it correctly up to about a week before the festival the forecasts were all over the place. Have I got that right? The mind plays tricks.
  9. So you're the one who stands in front of me at every gig!
  10. The rollercoaster continues
  11. I looked! What a fool I was.
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