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  1. has anyone any idea what the set up is like getting national express coach from Cardiff to festival? we usually fly to Bristol but this year we are doing Cardiff. last year national express had a van that took your bags to the site and we got on the coach. did they have the same set up in Cardiff last year?
  2. she has had to cancel her tour for personal reasons, she released a statement about it a while ago was one I was looking forward to seeing gutted!
  3. was thinking the same. been trying to work out what to do about airbed. we are flying from Belfast then coaching it from Bristol so have limited space. was hoping to buy one on site. but looks like we will have to try make room for them.
  4. Only recently started getting into her stuff. but I would have to say (Seventeen)
  5. not much of a fan of hers but Blue Lights
  6. it has to be Set the fire to the third bar. I have over played this but still there best
  7. for me there is a massive Foals shaped gap in the line up but still holding out hope for it to happen. but as first posters go I like it. a good 10 acts I want to see. for me its about exploring the festival. don't understand people that go and sit at pyramid stage all day waiting for an act. experience something new
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