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  1. dixietheduck

    Resale Club 2019

    Another resale, the same question from me: Is anyone else trying from the US?
  2. @BackpackFullOfWarmBeer Aw yeah! Well for the North American ‘foreigners’, I’ll post here with progress. Feel free to do the same 🙂 Happy to help on the very slight chance that I get through
  3. @tevaburger you have me beat! I’m on the west coast. Good luck all!
  4. I think I post this every year..but is anyone trying in the main sale from the US? I'm happy to join forces or just offer some middle of the night moral support
  5. Did you join a camp or go it 'alone'? We're thinking the latter, but only with a healthy dose of common sense and help from some folks that have been in the past. In the meantime, we're keeping the faith.
  6. I haven't either. But I've only got tickets in one. Do we think there are more people trying for the 'secret' sale this year? I know it was discussed a few hundred pages ago..but that is all a fuzzy memory now. Numbers are definitely starting to drop, but it has seemed popular this year.
  7. Likewise! I was back in the UK for 5 days for a wedding and some family stuff over the weekend. Had a moment of sheer panic at the checkout in Sainsburys on Monday while buying a bunch of biscuits and goodies to bring back the the US, when my dad just text 'tickets' to me after getting a checkpage alert. Horrible pit of the stomach feeling that you get when you know/think you've missed out on tickets. I'm strangely a little grateful to be back to the middle of the night schedule, at least I can get some work done and leave the house during the day. Till the bitter end, folks.
  8. That is exactly current status! I predict something exciting will happen as I reach megabyte 149..so good luck everyone in 15mins or so Sounds familiar.. Thanks!!
  9. My husband have I have been on the forum pretty much continuously since last Monday, even though UK daytime is the middle of the night for us (we've been taking shifts through the night), but now we're flying back to the UK and grabbed a few hours of sleep on the plane..could someone let me know if we've missed anything significant? And pinging? The 150mb of data I've paid for is dwindling pretty fast, and i'd like to know how worried I should be :-)
  10. My husband and I are getting up at 2am (9am UK time) and pottering around, trying to stay awake, and keeping an eye on the pages till we have to go to work (one person stays home while the other drives to work, so we have total connectivity). It's truly nuts.
  11. Nice. Yeah Norwegian are pretty cheap, so are United I noticed, haaaa
  12. They're not looking toooo bad from LA at the moment, which I see as good flight price karma after a couple of years of having to book after the resale/secret sales at ridiculous prices with ridiculous layovers. Good luck!
  13. dixietheduck


    It has been painful reading through all of the excitement but not being able to get it to work!
  14. Finally giving Run The Jewels a listen after the rave reviews on here and a strong recommendation from my boyfriend. He also told me about Meow the Jewels - if you don't know what that is (like I didn't), google it - and that has only made me like them more
  15. Really interesting debate going on here. Personally I think restricting the sale to approved vendors makes sense and does address the respect issue, as well as the 'well I bought one from a casino' etc. arguments. I would like to think that this is an effort to at least screen who is selling them. An outright ban would be a bit ludicrous, unlike for Bass Coast (not Best Coast, by the way), where given the location, I think it made sense. I do also agree that it feels a somewhat random cause for Glastobury to take on (although not out of character), but I think the issue is gaining a huge amount of international attention and of course that will affect their decisions. It is making news left, right and centre out here in the States, and seeing how many of the bigger festivals here, in the UK, and Europe do have a very international audience (it's amazing to see how many Glasto reruns you see on TV over here), and of course book a great deal of international acts, I can see how it's an issue being addressed by the entire international festival community. Of course there are plenty of other causes that are just as worthy of attention as this, arguably even more so, but this issue is currently where the media's attention is in regards to morality in entertainment and the like (arguably with the exception of the variety of scandals going on in the NFL over here at the mo). I would assume that most people on here agree that isn't the way the world should be, but it's undeniable that it's the reality.
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