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  1. I ended up with four free tickets for Bon Iver rather than a refund. They were emailed to me after complaining using that customer@allpointeastfestival.com email address. No use to me as I live up north but my mates had 'em. Would have rather the refund for that Strokes shit show though.
  2. Was hoping for Interpol and Raconteurs to be the other way around. Will have to miss second half of Interpol then. No way am I missing a decent spot for Strokes.
  3. Doubt you could sleep in your car in the official car park, as they'll be clearing out pretty quickly as it needs to be back to normal for the school on the Tuesday. You'd be fine if you found some street parking a short walk away though.
  4. They did last year as I watched all of Editors and had time to stroll over for the start of Noel. No distance between stages at all.
  5. You can see why. Wouldn't be surprised to see The Enemy/Tom Clarke pop up as the huge headline act. From Cov and managed by the same guy running it I believe.
  6. Reckon the Saturday will do alright purely on it being the only Libs gig this year. The Sunday is tragic though and will surely only shift a couple of thousand.
  7. Hoping for Richard Hawley, Sports Team or Loyle Carner. That Cut Copy shout was a great one in this thread but it's looking doubtful they will be about.
  8. Terribly uninspiring. Delighted I opted for APE early doors. Both of the (disappointing compared to last year) days at Neighbourhood Weekender top this. That's at half the capacity.
  9. Yeah true. Could be an outside bet for Bluedot?
  10. Ian Brown surely? If he's not doing Neighbourhood, must be a banker for this.
  11. Looks like i'll be listening from the garden and even that's a push on the Saturday.
  12. Not sure anyone is trying to turn it in to V. Although it is being held on the same park as the first V Festival in '96. Would take the lineup from that: Pulp, Sterelab, Longpigs, Supergrass, Orbital. 🤤
  13. Not sure the Wombats are a big enough pull. 1975 are meant to be headlining Reading so doubtful they'll do this. Elbow just announced their first date of next summer. Could be an outside bet.
  14. Gonna hazard a guess at: Ian Brown and Primal Scream/James on one day. Catfish and the Bottlemen/Wolf Alice and Bastille on the other. Wishlist: Drenge, Idles, Sports Team, Peace, Boy Azooga.
  15. New Ian Brown album out in March. Makes perfect sense to do this, although that Sacha from WHP was tweeting about his new music coming so maybe it's an indication that he's doing Parklife? I know he did WHP on the last tour so feasible.
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