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  1. if you want some beautiful music to chase away the last bit of last night's hangover go and watch Richard Hawley. His music is food for the soul. His album Coles Corner is a good starting block if you want a listen before you go.... Am sooooo jealous he's not on at a festival I'm going to :-(
  2. I have a feeling that this year there is a high likelyhood of a slim possibilty of actually meeting up :)

  3. Are we ever going to meet up, or is this some sort of doomed realtionsjhip when the proganists never meet, a sort of Anti-Love Story. Actually that sounds cool. So I'll start then.....I hate you ;)

    I don't really :)

  4. I wanted to watch Summer Heights High last Monday but fell asleep. Do BBC do a catchup online ?
  5. Hi

    Just had to say... i spotted your name as the last poster in one of the threads... Fantastic!! Has made me laugh out loud :D

    Have a great week,


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