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  1. It's there, between left field and glade
  2. They were so good live, it's going to be a fun one
  3. Symposium have just announced their first gig for 22 years, 17th November Islington assembly
  4. The fresh lemonade stand is an absolute winner, I've been known to have two back to back, so good.
  5. It's the largest middle class gathering outside of Wimbledon and Goodwood
  6. I'm debating going in either before haim to get a good spot, or waiting until they're done to start edging in. Depends what else is on I guess, if there's nothing much floating my boat I'll get there nice and early.
  7. Glade bar, frozen passionfruit margarita
  8. I remember the wolves flag in the 90s when there were few flags (if you can believe that!)
  9. Yeah barbster is definitely one of the best Glastonbury vloggers, I can even forgive that awful Richard Hammond goatee he was sporting for a while!
  10. It sounded to me like he had a stage split in front of him on the podcast
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSCY0WGPGEg I was wrong on views, 423k for Friday and Saturday team (tickets gifted by EE) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkS4i53Avis&t=2567s 180k for popped in on the Thursday. And God it's a long video for nothing to happen
  12. I'm going pretty deep on the vlogs at the moment. I saw one where they turned up on Friday and left after adele on the Saturday (20,000 views). Another where they stayed in a manor house, did a tour of the site on Thursday, then went home again (200,000 views). Mind blowing that these people exist tbh.
  13. because you can't play football stadiums during the football season, so there's only a very limited number of weekends available. It's a travel day so they can move an enormous stage setup to another country. There's a small chance someone could technically do an acoustic gig, but a proper show isn't going to happen, it doesn't work logistically.
  14. I had the same dilema and am leaning towards the wattbike. Wattbike will let me do zwift with auto resistance, and I can take the peloton classes paying £12 instead of £40. Peloton with auto resitance on the bike+ does look good, but can't do zwift at all and £40 (or has it gone up to £45 now?) a month every month forever doesn't appeal.
  15. True, drunk people and people on drugs can be really boring and annoying. But let's not forget sober people can be just as dull and annoying too.
  16. In researching this I went down a bit of a rabbit hole that ended up with me finding: "Festival Virgin: The multiple erotic adventures of a student's first-time - in every sense - at the world famous Glastonbury music festival"
  17. I’m pretty sure every City in the UK has a sticky floor student indie club playing oasis, killers, foo fighters etc. Baggy Mondays are always a big hit on the Thursday, i’m surprised the only real night option is still dance music.
  18. They’re an awful lofi jazz quartet beloved of middle class radio 6 white males with a supercilious attitude. They’ve not released anything decent for over 20 years and are incredibly dull live.
  19. Seeing the sun rise from the stone circle is one of the worst experiences of Glastonbury and people should stop recommending it to newbies
  20. Lionel Richie was really boring apart from Easy and Hello
  21. This is the impression I have too, although we've never met. Which is a shame because bright eyes are one of my favourite bands. What happened to you with him?
  22. The equipment that AatS need to bring down would pale into comparison for the others though, can't see it working logistically.
  23. I'm hoping for AM on the basis that they're fans of the festival (attend when not playing), they're on a comeback, might headline next year (a la killers) and are exclusive to Reading/Leeds so couldn't be announced.
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