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  1. when’s the white male gonna catch a break eh?
  2. https://scholarship.kentlaw.iit.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=&httpsredir=1&article=3209&context=cklawreview
  3. It hasn't been confirmed either way, I did ask the organiser who said to watch this space so I assume that means yes
  4. They released a live DVD that featured zero crowd footage. That neatly sums up the AM live experience, that have absolutely no idea how to interact with a crowd.
  5. Yep, nothing for me either
  6. Would putting the f&b up within a bell tent make it cooler, or warmer?!
  7. In 2019 they went from round the corner of the hippodrome, not far from new street station. Not confirmed for this year yet
  8. It's always been an older festival, Reading/Leeds is where you find GCSE students celebrating, and boomtown is Glastonbury for young folks. However... There's too many campervans.
  9. I believe in 2019 there was a 7:00 and a 10:30 departure from Brum, hoping to be on the 7 am
  10. I went from Garmin to apple watch for that reason. I can go for a run without taking my phone and stream music on the way. I can even grab some water from a shop and pay with apple pay in a pinch! Battery life is annoying (charge once a day vs once a week with the garmin) but otherwise it's been a great upgrade. Obviously there's android versions if you're in that ecosystem. If you're determined to stick to garmin then my brother has the fenix and loves it, but getting music on is a bit of a ball ache, I believe the app isn't great.
  11. which is long in years, but there's only been one festival since then!
  12. Big biffy fan, haven't they played relatively recently though? Is it the Friday or Saturday other headliner we're missing? I know PSB are down for Sunday. I'm hoping Friday because I'm not missing Macca for anyone!
  13. Beans on toast in Bilston last night. Very good, as always. Slightly less anarchic than previously, but no less entertaining. I think his song writing has stepped up a level too, I like the old 2 minute punk songs but the new ones have got an added dimension to them. He's moved up my list from maybe to will see at Glastonbury, even though I'll have to fight a crowd.
  14. Nope, outer layer is high solid steel then there's a running track for security to drive round then a mesh fence
  15. Fair enough, that does look like a much better thickness and probably loads more comfortable. However for the price I think I'll put up with having to add a bit more air to my airbed every couple of days! 🙂
  16. Badminton horse trials are upper class. People at Glastonbury by and large are your everyday man and woman from down the street... in a nice leafy suburb. There's nothing wrong with it, it's not a criticism, but I wouldn't say Glastonbury is heavily working class. Maybe in the 90s but not anymore.
  17. I went for the 3 person poled version. For £65 it seems well worth it for the extra sleep, if it's rubbish I'll be back here blaming you kids! I did try a self inflating mat one year but didn't get on with it, wasn't thick enough against the hard floor. Has technology moved them on?
  18. I've re-listened to the entire back catalogue of episodes and I'm ready for a new one. Half thinking of submitting some audio for it just because I love it so much!
  19. Because they're doing a stadium tour and the only available day they've got is a travel day
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