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  1. Turnstile’s schedule still looks pretty rammed so i’m hopeful still, fingers crossed
  2. Eeek, likewise they and McCartney were my only two must see at all costs acts!
  3. How hard is it to get on to the dance floor at the temple? Walk right in or need to get there early?
  4. ErnestWorthing

    Green Day

    They did https://www.nme.com/news/music/green-day-116-1251169
  5. ErnestWorthing

    Green Day

    Nope. It's a travel day.
  6. Arcadia is the worst for this, if you actually want to dance then good luck finding somewhere
  7. Will have to do a bit of landscaping in preparation!
  8. If you're going to do them Wednesday sounds the best day, I'd be worried tripping at Glastonbury, bit too intense, set and setting and all that jazz
  9. Am I right in thinking its nudity strongly encouraged?
  10. Guilty pleasures, 00:30, William's Green
  11. First up against the wall if it doesn't drop at 11
  12. I've got both now and I'm still undecided what to do. Having somewhere to stand up to get changed is really handy, and if I took the beast it could be somewhere for everyone to share and use as a lounge. But yeah, the weight, oh, you've got to carry the weight...
  13. He’s just a semi in the closet gay man, not a nonce.
  14. He’s got the songs for sure, and look at the crowds Rolf Harris used to pull (although I probably shouldn’t mention him while trying to make a case!). Maybe not the legend slot but I think he should be given a set.
  15. Done, hope it arrived safely
  16. Absolutely. When you've got 100,000 people on backing vocals no-one will care if he's note perfect. Sure, people who aren't there watching at home will be texting you to tell you how rough it is but you'll be having the time of your life and not give a single shit.
  17. oh shit yeah, hadn't considered that! Thankfully I'm near enough to mine that I can get a taxi if needs be, but certainly worth assembling plans B and C
  18. GFL in theory. One year I ordered a Wednesday coach and they gave me a Thursday and shrugged their shoulders of it.
  19. don’t tease us like that, we’re fragile and emotional in here
  20. On Monday, we riot. I’m offering 2 for 1 on pitchforks and flaming torches.
  21. If you’re feeling optimistic then you might well believe that. I’m sticking with they’re never coming out and we have to just guess
  22. Do you have a link for the extra discs? I’ve got the multi disc set but no dvd player anymore
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