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  1. Flares are annoying, but I saw someone with what looked like an oversized sparkler raining sparks down, surely that's incredibly dangerous?
  2. Setting up tents and soaking up the atmosphere check?
  3. you’re attempting to make a shit joke about someone’s recently dead Mum? Classy.
  4. Johnny Marr with the killers?
  5. Ugh. Nope. Nope and nope.
  6. Pure, black tar, Afghan, copium. Injected directly into your veins.
  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  8. It seems like it’s inventing a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist?
  9. I think so, is that what it does, replace the poles?
  10. What does the air bit actually do? How does it improve things?
  11. Nobody has at any point said otherwise. All anyone has said is that it seems unlikely because of the tour schedule. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Just that in my opinion there would be more obvious options.
  12. Nope, it is possible, but it would need a lot of sorting out, which is why I (and others) are saying it would be logistically tricky. Tour managers for stadium shows don't like tricky, they like smooth, easy, simple.
  13. Because one is significantly larger than the other, one has more restrictive insurance regulations, one doesn't halt a multi million pound show if there's an issue and they don't make it. Green day can do it, I just don't think they will.
  14. No-one has said it's logistically impossible, just that it would be hard. "Far greater distances are travelled by acts on consecutive tour dates, all around the world, every week. It's really not an issue." Please can you point out a few recent stadium shows going from the UK to Ireland with no days in between? These are the ones I was able to find, but maybe I'm missing a whole bunch who go direct from UK to Ireland without a day inbetween. RHCP - 2 travel days London -> Ireland Guns n roses - 2 travel days Ireland -> London Stereophonics - 3 travel days Ireland -> Cornwall westlife - 2 travel days Cardiff -> Belfast
  15. I suspect it will be both of those things
  16. ..but the people who carry it are busy setting up a stadium show in Ireland.
  17. It is technically possible, there are enough hours in the day for it to happen. They would need two sets of equipment, because one of them will be on a boat. They'd need to split the touring party up so fall out boy, weezer and their crew go onwards to Ireland and Green Day and their crew get a different bus to Glastonbury, perform, then get on a boat to Ireland the next day. They'd be risking a multi million pound performance to do a secret set. If there were problems with the ferries there's no margin for error. I can't imagine any tour manager in their right mind approving it. But it is possible.
  18. Calvin Harris is a DJ set isn't it, there's not really a stage on arcadia you could sing from
  19. Logistically I can't see it making sense, if they were going to do it they'd have built an extra day in to move a stadium show across the water to Ireland. Technically they could do it, and I'd love it if they did, but practically it sounds like a stretch.
  20. Wait til you read glasto chat! p.s - you're not Alex DeLarge off of 2600 are you?!
  21. The thing with that is you don't know if they've heard because they've got insider information, or because they've read the Somerset live article that was ripped off here. Still, interesting...
  22. Presumably if there's a biblical amount of rain in a short period of time on very hard ground, most of it will just run off?
  23. I shall also be on Hitchin hill, because as we all know, Hitchin is bitchin. I may drunkenly stagger over at some point.
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