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  1. That's champions league line-up
  2. Much much better than first announcements of 2020/21
  3. How come FNM are under imagine dragons? 🤔😂😂
  4. Pixies are supporting NIN in US, would be strange if order would be different in Europe
  5. Muse are new name whereas Korn had touring plans for last 2 years
  6. Korn and FNM? Too good to be true. And they weren't scheduled for Mad Cool 20 and 21
  7. I think in last 10 years Zegut was only wrong once
  8. Run The Jewels announced small UK tour for June 22
  9. 21P,Pixies, Gorillaz, FNM, Volbeat got already announced shows around Werchter time. Strokes playing Primavera. Will they stay in Europe until Werchter? SOAD can be easily ruled out.
  10. She announced tour last week. I'm afraid you might be right, she can headline
  11. Won't find a better lineup this year
  12. Chicago's dates already been rescheduled for July. Many more bands got their tours already announced in US. More than 100mln.people had a jab over there. Things are looking good
  13. RATM will be touring USA this summer. Bring them on plus Metallica and FNM and money and the rest of the line up don't matter 😂
  14. ... and things looking a bit brighter in UK
  15. Rock in Rio Lisboa, end of June. Would be terrible choice of headliner, but after announcement of Cardi B, you can expect anything
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