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  1. Sad, what happened to Roskilde
  2. Cantrell is also headlining one of the stages at Hellfest
  3. Didn't expect much and that's what I got. One big fat zero out of today's announcement
  4. We are just waiting for Boss or Stones to announce their tour dates. One of then should be at TW. I think that might happen this week and Werchter announcement will follow after this. Well, that's just my guess
  5. Would be the first line on the poster along Metallica and PJ
  6. Their US dates been announced months ago
  7. And NOS Alive on Wednesday. 4 gigs in a row?
  8. Patti Smith & Flaming Lips been added
  9. Should be the fast one this year. Many people still got their tickets fot 2020, 2021.
  10. With or without NIN, Hellfest will be sold out within an hour
  11. That's champions league line-up
  12. Much much better than first announcements of 2020/21
  13. How come FNM are under imagine dragons? 🤔😂😂
  14. Pixies are supporting NIN in US, would be strange if order would be different in Europe
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