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  1. Sold And given away - total sold ~19500
  2. Stood in a number of places and sound was fine. Vocals lower in the mix than youd like but isn't that how the strokes have always played?
  3. Imagine the abysmal organisation last year will have our people off regardless of the lineup
  4. DR OK

    Ryan Adams

    That’s a useless tweet, look at the evidence and make a decision for yourself. To believe or not believe someone because they are a woman OR because they claim to be a victim is ridiculous.
  5. Maybe the plan was a lattitiude exclusive then the opportunity came up to play high at Glastonbury without the exclusivity requirement (as it's already sold out) so both APE and Glastonbury?
  6. What also doesn't support foals is usually if it was an English band it would have leaked by now. Suggests it could be two non British bands
  7. I am thinking it will be those two. Other outsiders are Tame Impala and The Strokes but sounds like they're tied up elsewhere
  8. George Ezra Strokes Foals Maybe?
  9. I know that they were playing big venues at reduced caps but saying they were sold out to try and build hype. Eg the Brixton gigs were around 60% of full capacity
  10. DR OK

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    No luck - gutted as I got through, clicked pay and nothing happened! oh well
  11. DR OK

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    typed in all my details and clicked pay but it didnt go through, gutted
  12. DR OK

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    This site can't be reached - not looking hopeful
  13. I'd suggest sticking it on Twickets as you may have some luck, cheapest on there at the moment is £85 so you would probably get someone to buy at £80
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