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  1. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    cool, cheers. Does that likely mean smaller/unsigned Belgian artists? I.e. maybe not Soulwax/Goose/Mumbai Science
  2. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    so is that the lineup complete? Or are there any more announcements to come?
  3. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Cheers guys. I know its not going to happen again, but I'd be absolutely made up if they laid on another Soulwax tent!
  4. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Just reading on the official website about fest opening times. Has left me somewhat confused... "The ticket desks at the festival entrance open on Wednesday afternoon at 12 noon. You can pick up your festival wristband there when you show your ticket. A combi or Thursday wristband gives you access to the festival site from 6pm on. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the doors will open at 11am" I've got a combi ticket. Is there a word missing there after "gives you access to the festival site from 6pm on" i.e. wednesday. or do I not get in till the Thursday? Does that also mean; that unlike UK fests, it runs each day from early evening until early morning?
  5. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Ticket booked. Along with 5 nights at the Radison Blue
  6. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    I'm seeing them at Brixton next week. Unhealthily excited!
  7. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Good lad! Shall be seeing you the 2manydjs set then!
  8. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Disco Dave; is your profile pic from a Radio Soulwax mix???
  9. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    One last question! Looking now at getting a hotel in Hasselt. The ones I've been looking at are 45 mins - 60 mins walk from the festival site. Are there regular shuttle buses from the town for when we're too hungover and/or lazy to walk? Thanks again for all your help.
  10. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Wonderful, thanks for your input! We were actually looking at the hotel package. But since you mentioned it, we may look at finding our own accomodation instead. As I think the hotels the festival offers directly are quite far off. Albeit there are free shuttle buses, but they're not that frequent. The last one back is at 4am which (I think) might mean we wouldn't be able to stay till the end of play each day.
  11. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Thanks, but I was half hoping that someone else would pipe up with "thats nonsense, there are loads of older ravers there!"
  12. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Thanks for the reply, all sounds good. Just a bit wary on the age range. Don't want to feel like the Granpa at the festival. Will have to weigh this up
  13. Disco_Fudge

    Pukkelpop 2017

    Hello all, After too many years in succession of going to UK fests that coincide with a monsoon, me and the missus have decided the go for a european festival. Due my specific dance genre tastes (i.e I have a very slim musical spectrum) I've managed to narrow it down to 2 festivals. Colours of Ostrava in The Czech republic and Pukkelpop. I was hoping you seasoned PKP goers could lend me some of your wisdom to help me decide. Being in my mid 30's (perhaps going on 50) I'm quite set in my ways of what I like and don't like. As you all know it takes more than lineup to define how good a festival is. As such the things Ithat would help me come to a decison would be Whats the crowd like? i.e. Is there any trouble, will people happily mix, are there lots of folk throwing up, pissing everywhere, are we likely to be robbed Are the toilets decent/plentiful Is there anything else going on besides the music if we wanted to chill out/have a change of scenery Is the setting good/scenic How much can we bank on good/dry weather Is the site well laid out. i.e. will there be much time spent 'commuting' between stages/arenas and is overcrowding in tents/stages ever an issue Is it expensive for food/drink etc. To give you an idea of what I've liked in the UK fest-wise. My favourites have been: Beatherder, Festival No.6 and Bestival a few years ago before they cut back on toilet facilities and the soundsystem. I've been to Glastonbury once and didn't like it that much. I found the crowd a bit pretentious (which may sound slightly hypocritical given all the demands I've listed!) and just too much of a behemoth. For those that can be bothered to answer (As I know I'm asking a lot), at present Ostrava Festival is winning. This is as its in a very cool setting - in a former coal works. There are lots of other stages for things besides music. Its cheap for a ticket & for food and drink inside. And as I'm a bit of a liberal hippy; it was a plus that its been recommended by the guardian! I am however really hoping someone can sell PKP to me. From where I live, it would be relatively quick and easy to drive over, plus the lineup is a fair bit better the Colours of Ostrava. Any guidance/help/advice would be most welcome CHeers
  14. Disco_Fudge

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    did see that dude. Pity I'm going Bestival the previous week. Line up and location are both spot on
  15. Bruce Wayne I presume?!?!?!

    Hey dude my facebook name is Gameboy Raver.

    cheers, doing me a massive favour here. Incidently, where do you stay anyway?