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  1. Yeah, it does make some difference. It's always great to have that 'oh my lord I can't possibly miss this' headliner on the Pyramid, but we all keep returning because we know with certainty that it will be amazing come what may.
  2. Not too much on the first poster to get me excited - maybe have a look at The Cure, Kurt Vile and Sam Fender - but I'm quite happy to spend a lot of time at the Acoustic and Avalon stages. I'm sure there will be many others I'll get into as I listen to them before the festival. Almost certain to end up with horrible clashes as ever. Eddie Vedder to headline Acoustic and Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul on Avalon and I'm happy. Not too much to ask?
  3. elias

    Duran Duran?

    Can't disagree with that. Maybe it's an age thing, but I always remember them as being a glorified boy band.
  4. First Glastonbury: 1985 Favourite Glastonbury: 2009 - first time for 19 years and the headliners were just perfect for me First Glastonbury Act: Lord knows. I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday let alone the first act I saw nearly 34 years ago! First Non Festival Gig: Queen at Cardiff Castle 1976 Favourite Non Festival Gig: Too many to choose from - stadium? arena? small venue? Some of The Jam gigs were intense.
  5. I can't really remember what made us (me and my wife - then girlfriend) decide to go the first time. Mind you, things were very different back in 1985. Festivals were not mainstream, much more of an alternative culture. I do remember sitting in the car in the pouring rain on a Thursday evening in a traffic jam in Pilton. No Wednesday starts back then. We drove onto site and set up our tent next to the car at midnight. It rained non-stop for the next three days. One thing I do remember is that you could walk right up to the base of the Pyramid Stage, something that Bob Geldof probably didn't enjoy as he made the bad mistake of dressing all in white, which made him the perfect target for the mud slingers.
  6. elias


    Whilst you are absolutely correct, there was no other way to celebrate getting tickets on Sunday than to manufacture these bad boys: Stomach is still recovering.
  7. elias


    Had a cracking time. Weather was near perfect - not too hot, not too cold. A bit too breezy on Sunday morning as it broke one of our tent poles, but the tent survived after a bit of tender loving care and the addition of some guy ropes. Food was lovely, especially the Fish Laska from near the Big Top and the Tiger Prawn Curry from the Oriental stall at the Main Stage. So much good music. Some we enjoyed: My Baby Vintage Trouble The Hives Skinny Lister Dreadzone Manics Rising Appallachia Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican
  8. elias

    Who's going?

    That's good to know. Been listening to them quite a bit and liking them a lot.
  9. elias

    Who's going?

    Me, my wife and eldest daughter will be there. I wonder how many tickets are unsold? It's been a few years since we last went, but from what I've read it hasn't changed a great deal. Hope the weather is good.
  10. I guess that's the great thing about festivals - everyone's experience is different. I suppose many people's view would be coloured by the entry arrangements on the first day, which was admitedly a complete balls up. That being said in years gone by I've had just as bad (if not worse) at Glastonbury, but it doesn't stop me going back. You just have to hope that they learn from their mistakes and improve. Have a good time at Benicassim.
  11. Great to read so many positive recent posts, I think it's a fairer reflection of the festival as a whole. We've been over the negative aspects ad nauseam, so some balance is good to see. The point about the vibe is a good one. I didn't really think too much about it when I was there, but looking back everyone I met was happy and chilled. Never saw anything remotely related to a fight. As mentioned by Wooderson, perhaps the older demographic was the reason.
  12. Agree with this entirely. We remarked on the almost total lack of children (I don't know if there was an age limit?) and also no groups of 15 year olds linking hands and moving in packs. The weather was just beautiful once the sun started setting. Sorry, also wanted to add that Eddie Vedder singing 'Just Breathe' was beautiful. The family were in bits.
  13. Mostly, yes, for the headliners. Not packed, but fairly full The problem is the near emptiness for the bands lower down the card.
  14. I think many of the issues this year were caused by the change of site. I'm hoping that they will keep the same site next year and learn from the problems.
  15. Did anybody see Black Pistol Fire? They were on the Radio Stage and the crowd loved it. By the way, I thought the smaller stages were excellent. A decent size and never had a problem getting a good viewing spot. There were a few sound bleed issues between Radio Stage and Koko (my daughter said The White Buffalo suffered a bit) but all good apart from that. Jet just about finished me off on the last night - according to my wife we walked 18 miles that day and then the uncaring buggers had the bad manners to play such a storming set that I had to dance non-stop! For all the things that went wrong with the festival (and there were some serious issues) much, much more went right. I guess the way to judge it is that I would do it all again this weekend if I could. My biggest regret was missing most of Nine Inch Nails. We went to see Future Islands, who were very good and had a large and happy crowd, and only got round to the main stage to see the last three NIN songs. Oh, and Kaleo! Loved them too! Let's face it, there were so many great bands in such a small area. I'm not sure we'll ever see the like again.
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