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  1. I did exactly the same, but I only get full price tickets. The only thing I can think of is that we bought VIP tickets - not standard. Crazy if they let you spend more money with them and then won't give the same discount. Thanks very much for your help though.
  2. Thanks for helping. I've already tried this, but only got full price tickets for the Sunday. We have booked 4 day VIP tickets, so I'm not sure if that's the problem although it wouldn't make much sense to charge full price to VIP ticket holders but half price to normal ticket holders.
  3. Has anyone got the 5th day ticket for half price thing to work yet? We got our 4 day tickets though Festicket, but it seems just to give us full price when we try and add the 5th day. Not going to get them yet as it means we would have to move flights, but if Springsteen plays we're there! The Spanish are mad for Springsteen, so I can see that day booking out straight away if he's announced.
  4. elias


    That's true, but many loos were unuseable and so the queue was often waithing for someone to come out so at least you knew it was in some sort of reasonable state. Like the flag idea though. Toilets were very bad at times, but that was the only negative of an otherwise great festival.
  5. Lol - The Tiny Tea Tent is usually our spot to visit after the headliners finish. And, yes, I am that old. Just wish they provided slippers as well. 😁 Same as most, Frank Turner and James must sees for me. I've seen Frank Turner many times and it always seems to me that he converts the neutrals every time. Was at the Download Pilot and Frank had a really enthusiastic crowd. I heard several people saying how his music wasn't normally their cup of tea, but they thought he was great.
  6. I'm happy as a pig in poo. 🙂
  7. LOL. I probably was pissed or inattentive - by the sounds of it it is the same guy.
  8. No, he had black hair I think (I'd made good use of my hip flask of bourbon by this point!) I agree with you about decent people around those in need of help. I saw several instances where people looked distressed or just plain hammered and those around them immediately stopped to help and made sure the paramedics were called. By the way, has anyone had a ping from the NHS app to say she was in contact with someone that had Covid at the festival? My daughter just has (I didn't carry a phone) and I wondered whether is was likely nearly everyone who was there would get contacted.
  9. Echoing what everyone else has said. Great weekend - some excellent music, not all to my taste, but interesting none the less. Fair play to all involved, the organisation was very good. A few more blokes portaloos would have been nice, but I'm sure it put a smile on the face of a few women strolling into their ample facilities while we blokes queued up. Small downside for us was being camped close to a group of 20 or so individuals with a large gazebo who found it entertaining to shout and scream at each other at 3.00am. We went into the arena at 11.00am one morning and they were playing beer pong. Came back at 5.00pm to get ready for the night and they were still at it. Never will understand that. Still, luck of the draw who you camp next to. Saw so many great bands and really enjoyed the 30 minute sets one after the other. Just moved from one stage to the next. Frank Turner was great as always and Creeper exceeded expectations. Special mention to a guy named James. He came and stood near my daughter close to the front at the Creeper set. Now this bloke was at least 6 foot 4 inches and built like a brick outhouse. The sort of bloke mothers warn their daughters to avoid. He told my daughter that he liked her jacket and she told him she loved his. He was wearing a huge leather coat covered in metal studs. He asked her if she wanted to try it on. It nearly came down to her ankles and she said it weighed a ton. She had her photo taken with him. He eventually wandered into the mosh pit. He didn't throw his weight around, just sort of stood there as people bounced off him. Absolute pleasure to meet him and he was sort of indicative of the metal fans we met, a pleasure to be around. Let's just say I'd prefer their company to the beer pong crowd.
  10. Hope so. Early entry will definitely be required if they don't want massive queues.
  11. For anyone interested I just got a ticket on Ticketmaster.
  12. Nah. I'm not half as charming and witty as you. 😁
  13. Great line up for me. Frank Turner James The Levs Alabama 3 Dreadzone From The Jam New Model Army Bar-Steward Sons Might not be the most modern set of artists - but I'm an old sod anyway. Roll on August (please let it happen!)
  14. Yeah, you are absolutely doing the right thing. No tips as such, but if you like Glastonbury you will almost certainly like Beautiful Days. It's like a scaled down Glastonbury - take as much drink as you want and no restrictions on taking into the main areas. When the line up is revealed (Friday?) I will be listening to all the artists and deciding who I like. It's always surprising to me how many new acts I come across this way that I would never normally give time to. I'm sure you will have a great time. Fingers crossed it goes ahead! By the way, I wouldn't hold off getting tickets for too long - it's 90% sold out according to the Facebook account.
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