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  1. Same for us. Sunday was an excellent way to finish off the festival. How good was Ziggy Marley on Friday! I wasn't even disappointed that he only did a couple of Bob's songs - his own material was so strong.
  2. Hmmm .... interesting view on it. Saying you don't like Country these days is like saying you don't like Rock or Dance. It covers such a wide range of styles and ages. I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of country music, but there's some damn fine and interesting stuff to listen to if you take the time to give it a try.
  3. elias

    no Big Red Tent

    Don't worry - it definitely isn't true. You'll see a huge variety of music from all over the world spread across a number of stages of various sizes. May sure you see some bands in the arboretum, it's lovely on a sunny afternoon and even better at night. I hope you enjoy your first Womad.
  4. Country music is nearly always poorly supported at Glastonbury (the obvious act aside). Kacey Musgraves and Zac Brown Band both played to crowds that were the best part of bugger all in recent years. This year Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real wasn't exactly packed at the park. I guess it may be changing slowly as more country is played on Radio 2.
  5. elias

    Sound issues

    Sound varied enormously for me. Bloody awful for Gerry Cinnamon, but that may have been where I was stood. On the other hand excellent for The Cure.
  6. elias

    Absolute idiot...

    Lads have Teddy Bears? They most certainly do - at least I did. I never gave it a name though, which saddens me a little bit now.
  7. elias

    Avalon to Truth Stage

    Cheers Andy.
  8. elias

    Avalon to Truth Stage

    We're thinking of watching Frank Turner at Avalon on Friday before moving to the Truth Stage for My Baby. I assume that we would need to walk down to the late night entrance to the SE Corner to get in? Am I being hopelessly optimistic given that Frank Turner finishes at 12.20 and My Baby start at 01.10?
  9. elias

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I'm pretty sure that was Archaos. They did all sorts of crazy shit cutting up cars and using chainsaws.
  10. elias

    Lukas Nelson

    Loving the covers ..... but where's Forget About Georgia? I think there might be a small tear if he doesn't play that!
  11. elias

    Lukas Nelson

    Anyone else going to see Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real? Being an ignorant fool, I'd never heard of them until recently and didn't even know he's Willie Nelson's son. I went on holiday a couple of weeks ago and played them on loop for the whole week - absolutely loving it. So much so that I'm prepared to miss Sam Fender in the John Peel in order to see them at The Park. I'll see Sam at Leftfield instead. Are you a fan? Have you ever seen Lukas before?
  12. elias

    Gold Membership Time

    Marriage in a nutshell. 😄 Been a member for a while, but just wanted to encourage anyone sitting on the fence to join.
  13. elias

    Acoustic Stage

    If I recall correctly there is a small area in front of the sound desk where chairs are allowed. Or at least there has been in the past. I agree that it can be difficult getting through the ranks of chairs outside the tent. I generally just go down the edge of the right hand side of the field and in from there. There's nearly always a bit of space.
  14. elias


    I agree with this. Tried many different sorts over the years and the Boots wax plugs come the closest to blocking out all sound as is possible.
  15. We are pitching our own tent in Love Fields for the third time this year. There are many factors in deciding that this is right for us: 1. At 61 it becomes increasingly hard to move a sack truck loaded with stuff anything up to a mile in order to set up your tent. At Love Fields you can park very close to your car and in dry years can drive to your pitch to drop off all your kit. 2. It may be out side the festival fence, but it's actually closer to the stages we spend much of our time at (Pyramid, West Holts, Acoustic, Avalon) than much of the on-site camping. 3. There's space and it's usually very quiet at night. 4. There are showers and flushing toilets. 5. We arrive early Wednesday afternoon and drive straight in (as long as there's no disaster with flooding etc) - it's also very easy to get out on Monday morning provided you leave early enough. 6. There's a really nice little bar with camp fire that's great to stop at on the way back to the tent. I'm not saying that it's better than being on-site, we've down that many times in the past as well, but it is an alternative that suits us. Of course, it seems to get more expensive every year and there may well come a point that we decide it's too dear. All the off-site options seem to be putting up their prices every year. I guess they will keep doing so until they stop selling out. Wherever you all pitch up I wish you a happy (and dry!) Glastonbury.
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