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  1. Has there been anything about said who is playing the same day as Robbie Williams?
  2. Who went to rize18 and was it any good? I wonder if the festival was still a chav meet.
  3. It’s better than most V lineups in the last 5 years. It’s not to expensive either.
  4. What about arctic monkeys. Hopefully this festival will go back to the early years that V had, before they started booking terrible headliners.
  5. markqpr2000

    Why Faithless?

    Just because Faithless haven't had a string of number 1 singles in the past 6 days, they are suddenly not worth a fairly high up slot at V. So what about Madness. They been doing the rounds for years and have more renowned songs so why not put them higher up the bill
  6. Ive been to V festival for quite a few years now 8 in all and cant think why faithless are so high up on the main stage. Yeah there ok but there are bigger and better bands on before. Any takers on an explaination
  7. markqpr2000

    Stevie Wonder

    Oh dear god i hope not.
  8. markqpr2000

    Kings of Leon

    For f**ksake. If the rumour about KOL is true then next year are Snowpatrol and Killers back again. Not sure if KOL would come back seeing the shit time they had at Reading.
  9. markqpr2000


    Kasabian were mint at V 05. Better than headliners killers. Kasabian are ready to be headliners
  10. Just tape then round your waist. Works everytime. Can get a crate of 24 in between me and mate. Happy smugglin
  11. Look on the V fest fourm. There is a clash finder there.. It is a lot better than the ones on this site.
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