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  1. Charlatans will be either brilliant or completely ordinary in my experience, seen them a few times, first time for basement jaxx but the YouTube videos of the live shows look promising! Primal scream...well there's nothing else to assume but wow!! 5 weeks tomorrow folks!
  2. Hello there.. second time at KC for me and the missis, really enjoyed the friendly and chilled atmosphere after years of 'big' festivals. Can't wait only a few weeks to go now. Remember looking at the forum last year. Thought I'd introduce myself this time around!
  3. Evening!! Me and a couple of mates are looking into going to Benicassim this year, I just wondered a few things. Is it better to camp or try to get hotels in neighbouring towns? What quality are the showers in the camp sites? 7 days is a long time without a shower!! What was the ticket price last year? Just trying to get the general jist of what goes on!! any replies welcome. Cheers
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