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  1. That puts Beach House into tent on Thursday I assume though. Which is possible I suppose
  2. That’s the ideal hope I think. It just feels unlikely. Wait and see I guess. Off to the playlist for the day anyway
  3. Yeah thinking about it that’s probably the most likely suggestion
  4. It will be light though. I don’t see how a change to the license is particularly likely either. Interesting one for sure and I hope the plan is good, whatever it is.
  5. I hope it’s Metronomy. Would prefer Beach House on the main stage. I really like Bicep but struggling to see where they will be. It’s got to be the tent really hasn’t it?
  6. That would be great for me. Not sure about Slowdive but the other 3 seem about as realistic as anything suggested.
  7. Got tickets earlier. Was a first timer this year it would be up there with one of my fave festivals that I’ve been to so happy to jump on board straight away
  8. It’s not in the Settlers information but in the general faq’s it does say they want to reduce as much leaving / entering as possible but won’t prevent it (and you need the proof of vaccination / negative test) to re enter. Ive not been before but it would seem part of the Settlers idea is to boost the local businesses so I would get why they even if it’s not actively encouraged as such they wouldn’t restrict it either.
  9. Thank you - that’s really helpful. No doubt I’ll probably have some more questions! Just really looking forward to it now 🙂
  10. Another first time goer here. Got Settlers tickets and am planning on going the Monday. Someone mentioned the shop before - is it like basics like toilet roll, tobacco, camping bits rather than food? Just wondering what sort of food we could potentially get as would hope to cook abit for the first few nights. On the settlers page it mentions a local butcher selling produce - anyone used this before? Suppose going out during the day Tuesday / Wednesday should be fine but just wondering what we could actually get there rather than bring with us Cant bloody wait anyway edit - does settlers get quite busy or is it pretty laid back for a few days?
  11. I reckon they will be able to sort it - or alternatively you wouldnt have any trouble getting rid privately. I was after a couple but think I have sorted them on fanticks - well I hope so anyway. Dont really trust these sites but I have used twickets in the past with no issues. So fingers crossed anyway it should be my first Green Man 🙂
  12. That I can get a ticket in the next few weeks and go to a festival having had about 5 cancelled now that I did have tickets for 😃
  13. I'd certainly be interested in tickets (need 2 really) if there are any going. I do think they would let you roll it over though - particularly if you went down the route of saving you aren't comfortable going because of Covid and crowds etc But like I said if anyone has a couple available I'd defo be interested - been trying to keep an eye out but not having much luck.
  14. I wondered that and whether that might have an impact
  15. Re, Jamie XX. Yeah I would have thought so too. That will be busy. Otherwise it would be before National but that just doesn’t seem right 😕
  16. Wonder where Jamie XX will play. I didn’t have a ticket for this year but was tempted before all Covid hit.
  17. Enjoy everyone! Wish I was going. Been to the last three ?
  18. Edit - meant to quote @eFestivals post on 1st page My Baby are great, seen them a few times. Sonic stage in 2017 wasn’t great though, there was hardly anyone there. Weird slot for them imo. They tend to crop up a few times I think though if they are playing
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