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eFestivals has been here 20 years supporting festivals and festival goers. Without your support it will not continue as it has been.
Advertising used to pay the bills but advertising revenues are much less than they were.

Festivals: if you'd like us to continue to promote your event to our 650,000 monthly readers you'll need to give a helping hand.
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  1. Lovely to meet you! Roll on 2013 :D

  2. hi sir great to meet u too not sure yet which festivals we will do before Glasto 2011 omg can't believe the next countdown has started will need to be something v v special to top this yr. loving ur photos ive tagged me n friends feel free to add me and tag urself in mine SO glad u had a great time keep in touch n enjoy the rest of the festi year :)

  3. Lovely to meet you at CT Debbie - you are def.on my wavelength lol. ;o)

    Will you be going to the Beautiful Days Festival btw ?

  4. HA FOUND YOU...

    Last see in forums on 'Glaso Chat?

    He he

  5. DaveMac

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    Miscellaneous pictures
  6. DaveMac

    Glastonbury 2008

    Random pics from another great Glasto festival experience done on a dark October night while listening to Elbow ... Hope you enjoy them and inspire you to come along in 2009 !
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