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  1. Some days I laugh it off, others I am more sensitive, today is one of the sensitive days after having asked the bloke in the local Co-op to repeat what he said explaining because I am deaf, to be met with him cupping his ear and shouting pardon loudly in a packed shop, looking at the queue like he was a stand up comic expecting applause. I felt like bursting into tears. So yes, I understand where you and others are coming from but it really can be rather tiresome.
  2. As a severely deaf person please do try and get professional advice ASAP, I woke up totally deaf to words (I can hear sound but words are muffled) in one ear in 2005 and the other is going the same way. I wear hearing aids which help but I feel rather isolated a lot of the time. Mine surprisingly is not music related, I have Menieres Disease. Thankfully, Glastonbury (and other festivals) is the one place I can still enjoy live music. Saddened to see that some posters on here find it funny to ridicule deafness, hearing loss is not a laughing matter, it's a disability which needs to be shown more respect. I have a total sense of humour failure on this subject having heard too many "pardons" etc in my time.
  3. Just turn the van round so it's parked length ways and pitch the tent behind.
  4. Here's your answer @panasonic2011
  5. I think @deebeedoobee may be able to help with this.
  6. Head for blue car parks, using BA4 6TA as the postcode, at least there are no restrictions walking into CV field from East car parks!
  7. You can get the cans on-line, however they are in Germany so touch and go if it will arrive on time. https://www.richprosecco.com/sparkling-wines/rich-secco.html
  8. No idea what route you need, but if you use Sickleball Lane, West Pennard as the destination you should end up there.
  9. Orange is your best bet, how you will access the campervan field though I have no idea. It's not a thoroughfare into the festival like East campervan fields so may not be easily accessible on foot. This map may be useful to help you plan.
  10. Get one here - https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/car-parking/worthy-farm/1373285
  11. The stone circle in my photo is the one at the festival. St Buryan is about 6 miles from St Just where I live and about 3 miles from Treen.
  12. I live near Treen Farm, we get our milk from there, however what has that got to do with the posts on this thread, I am confused!
  13. That shouldn't happen on a dry year, which is why I wrongly assumed it was 2016 as space was premium. Windbreaks are good for protecting space!
  14. Do you mean 2016? The weather was good in 2017.....
  15. Plan ahead (and pull over if you get lost), write down the bits you need so you can glance at it. It still amazes me that I went to some of the places I did, however the roads were a lot quieter when I passed my test in the late 70's. You are pretty fearless at 17......or I was!
  16. I used to have AA Routefinder journeys printed out when travelling alone back in the day! However, I do recall actually following a map before the internet.....
  17. Contact https://www.seetickets.com/customerservice - good luck! ? PS My postman signed for mine, as he always does as we live in very rural Cornwall. As well as a signature there should also be a name printed, maybe this could help find the signer? Copy of mine is below.
  18. If you use Sat-Nav for directions coming from Glastonbury town and the M5, the postcode of the west carparks is BA6 8NE. From the A303/ A37, the postcode of the east carparks is BA4 6TA the others may be useful if there are any queues!
  19. Feast your eyes on this thread, over in Chat.
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