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  1. Who invited Boris Johnson to speak at Glastonbury in 2000?
  2. We need confirmation from @grumpyhack in case he had something eldo in mind!
  3. It certainly has with me so thank you OP! Despite not having missed a festival since 2005 I applaud the memories of others posting on this thread, mine are not as clear!
  4. This is the best thread on here for a long time! Thank you to everyone who has posted fabulous questions and answers, we are all improving our knowledge on our favourite place!
  5. Very saddened to hear this today, he was probably best known as drummer with R.E.M. and King Crimson. He was only 59
  6. Ahem, it's old daughter.....
  7. StoneCircle

    turbo drinks

    How many time do I have to remind you? It's old daughter!
  8. Check out @guypjfreak 's post on Turbo Drinks - we may need to improvise in these uncertain times....
  9. StoneCircle

    turbo drinks

    I am surprised this thread by @guypjfreak from 2011 hasn't been archived, but in view of potential "essential supplies" shortages in the supermarkets/shops especially now the pubs are closing their doors this evening, there are some great tips to brew your own whilst we all self isolate in this thread! The more the merrier, please add yours!
  10. StoneCircle

    Volunteering 2020

    I have just checked and only Campaign or Shop are now available at all the festivals shown in @gazzared 's post. It's worth checking regularly as places may become available due to cancellations.
  11. StoneCircle

    Volunteering 2020

    Where did they say that?
  12. I would love this to be the case, I too despite being the OP thought the call was too early.
  13. Sorry I have run out of upvotes - please can someone do the honours for me!
  14. One on Facebook and one on Instagram. Here is the Instagram one again....
  15. No sorry I haven't. My personal thoughts are that there is a delay in the announcement due to a last minute complication arising.
  16. Two separate family members have posted that the festival is cancelled. This is not a wind up.
  17. Worth a shot if you don't get a ticket in October or you choose to run anyway!
  18. Family friends or special circumstances I believe. They also used to allocate a window for those who cycled to the festival, not sure if they still do but I am sure someone on here will.
  19. StoneCircle

    Volunteering 2020

    For anyone wondering how priority with Oxfam works this is an extract from their email sent earlier in the week..... "Priority Applications for 2021If a festival you have applied to gets cancelled, it will still count towards your priority criteria. For example, if you apply for two festivals this summer, and one goes ahead but the other is cancelled by the organisers, you will still qualify for a priority application next year. You can learn more about priority applications here." So if you haven't added a 2nd festival, do it now!
  20. Michael, Emily, Nick (and not forgetting all the traders whose livelihood depended on it going ahead) must be devastated.
  21. No worries, I would have thought exactly the same unless the post was made by our leader @eFestivals !
  22. Thanks for your kind words! So sad not to be there this year, even though I was going as an Oxfam volunteer at least I was going at one stage.
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