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  1. Wasn't there a story a few years ago that Michael Eavis was offered a knighthood but turned it down?
  2. robu

    F*cked people 2017

    We stood beside the left soundstage for Radiohead. Within minutes of the start, security were hauling one casualty after another out of the crowd. They were in a right panic, shouts of 'we got another down' going round as they hauled them out. Some of the casualties could just about walk, but several were comatose. They were all very pale, some with blue lips and eyes wide open, but unconscious. At one point, about ten minutes after Radiohead came on, they were five in a row, lying flat on the ground at the back of the soundstage, medical staff trying to treat them, but there were more casualties than medics, so some were being left unattended while security dived into the crowd to get the next casualty. Not pretty.
  3. robu

    Weather 2017

    If you look closely at that forecast, it predicts the following: Wednesday cloudy with 1.4mm rain; Thursday cloudy and 0.9mm rain; Friday cloudy and 0.6mm rain. I'll summarise for you: it'll be a bit cloudy and you might feel a raindrop once or twice over the three days. That's not rain, so why the scaremongering?
  4. Those 360 panos are a scary indictment of the Glastonbury demographic. Couldn't spot a non-white face on any of them. Quite an uncomfortable feeling...
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