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  1. Wasn't there a story a few years ago that Michael Eavis was offered a knighthood but turned it down?
  2. robu

    Weather 2017

    If you look closely at that forecast, it predicts the following: Wednesday cloudy with 1.4mm rain; Thursday cloudy and 0.9mm rain; Friday cloudy and 0.6mm rain. I'll summarise for you: it'll be a bit cloudy and you might feel a raindrop once or twice over the three days. That's not rain, so why the scaremongering?
  3. robu

    Secret resales 2015

    A few weeks ago, some friends who had missed out on the main sale and resale, got some tickets through what you're calling a 'super-special-secret works-only-once link'. A friend of theirs (and acquaintance of mine) who has been a major supplier to the festival for a long time (15+ years) remembered (fortunate, that...) that she had access to six tickets a year for family and friends. She spoke to whoever she deals with it at the festival and a few hours later my friends received three emails, each of which had a single link that took them through the See Tickets site to buy a ticket. So those special use-once links do appear to exist.
  4. Looks to me that FM wanted to play Glasto, but only if the money was right, so they kept the dates free. IOW then sniffed an opportunity, steamed in with a huge offer for exclusivity. The moment IOW made its announcement, FM got busy rescheduling that gap and hence the O2 show on Glasto Saturday. Money talks.
  5. robu

    Foo Fighters

    I've looked back through the thread, but there appears to be no mention of this in the Guardian this morning: Foo Fighters have 'not been called' about headlining Glastonbury kzdrwwc Thoughts?
  6. Didn't get a sniff of anything after 9am. Even now, half an hour after it's sold out, I can't get on to any Seetickets or Glastonbury page -- not even the Sold Out page. I'm on TalkTalk fibre - anyone else with TalkTalk got the same problems? Could TalkTalk be blocked by Seetickets?
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