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  1. Totally agree! And..weather Is looking good so far, so think I’ll just brave wearing trainers :)
  2. Are festival securuity allowed to randomly search you and your bag once inside the festival?
  3. Is there any Drum & Bass at Exit??
  4. Hi Does any know where i can get coach pick up times from? I want to buy my ticket soon but cant decide if i'm going to train / shuttle or use the coach. My friend worked there last year and said the shuttle queues on the Monday morning were looooooong!?! Thanks
  5. Yeah, its City Beach Hostel i'm interested in which as you said is 2.5km away. i copied the address into google maps and it said its a 4km walk to the fortress?!? ....which i'm guessing is on a hill?! so potentially a 4km up hill walk had to email them any way as when we try and book it, the site crashes @Noeliam will do! thanks! hope you're well by the way
  6. Bought my ticket finally...im going to Exit! anyone travelled somewhere before the festival? or afterwards? interested in Romania or Bosnia, but will depend on transport links. Thinking of booking one of the student dorm style places that are on the Exit site. It says it's 2.5km from the festival site, and 50m from the beach. When i put the address in google maps, it says its actually 4km (50min) walk from the fortress??? Does anyway have any hotel recommendations? just want something quiet, AC pref and walkable to site. oh and cheap. yeah, i dont want much Thanks guys
  7. i would try and go for as long as possible, both times I've been i went for 2 weeks (with 10 days on the island) i met quite a few people who had travelled over for 5 days and they all regretted it and wished they had of stayed longer
  8. Hi Welcome to the site. I'm going with 3 friends, non of us have been before. Well.....i think i'm going ,i have got a ticket but not 100% if i can actually make it yet.
  9. ok, thanks. Will keep an eye on the Exit site then for a warning of a ticket price rise. yeah, i mean the ones that look like student accomadation. Im not considering camping...done that at Sziget. Even though campsites do always have the best vibes, plus i think im going alone and guess you are more likely to meet people while camping. but nar!.. its SO HOT!
  10. Hi guys. Currently the Exit tickets are £89, does anyone know when the next price increase will be? and to what? and does anyone have an experience of the accomadtion that is listed on the offical site? Thanks
  11. Thanks guys.....i checked the clash finder and saw Run The Jewels and Soulwax straight away and thought "yep, my type of place!" I know this will sound a bit lame, but it just looks like a really "nice" festival i'm interested and i think this and/or Exit are at the top of my list at the moment.
  12. Hi guys This festival has always looked really nice / chilled to me. Is it all guitar based music? or are there small stages / bars with dance, electro stuff? Thanks
  13. well...that was my first bestival and boy O boy was that fun!! sailed straight into the carpark, got to the front off the fast track lane as the gates opened, nearly got caught with something in the search, randomly bumped into Curlygirl, then from then untill Monday i just danced and got sun burnt with the solo group! I saw 2 thirds of what i planned to see. Loved Rudimental, stanton warriors, Crafty Kutz, Holy Goof. i found Silk City suprisingly good too. Saw some of Plan B but his arrogance pissed me off after 3 tracks. plus....the sun was killing me!! Cuban brothers were fantastic and so were Oh My its the church. Loved the Caravansari....and that little place called Sunday Best. Site layout was good, but it really pissed me off that The Temple and HMS Bestival werent on level ground. kept dancing down the hill if it had of been wet, that site would NOT be fun. Security was OTT quite a few times. shame there were non around on the first night when i woke up to a guy half in my tent going through my bag. I kicked him back into the porch where he the dazzled an LED tourch in my eyes to blind me, He just said "oh wrong tent" and dissapeared as i lay span out trying to figure out if i was awake or not !
  14. never heard of Woov but will download it now as there are a few acts that i really don't want to miss. So excited now for Bestival a new festival for me - YAY weather is looking brilliant - YAY time off work, of which I've had none for 6 months - YAY
  15. Just had a look at this, its my first time at Bestival but the site looks well laid out.Think i might aim to camp up nearer the entrance in rainbow rave, providing its flat😕 Cashless system too isnt it? think ive only experienced that before ay Sziget, nice not having to carry cash about.
  16. Is it a hilly camping area? I really hate camping on hills 🤦‍♂️
  17. I was just checking them out on Youtube when i found this.... wow,,,,,they look amazing fun!
  18. i dont think so. At SGP i just took in a plastic bottle of spirits wrapped in my sleeping bag...as did all my mates. But once you are in, there is no seperate arena and camping area. Everyone just walked around with their plastic bottles of different spirits but i believe bestival has a seperate arena area?
  19. again, not a "band" as such but ive just noticed that Craig Charles is doing a DJ set. Depending on the stage / setting i think that could be amazing fun.
  20. it's getting close now.... Is there any kind of Efestival meet up? i'm flying solo for my first time at Bestival.
  21. yeah, thats the part i read too. i remember thinking that it was good that they allowed spirits as im sure Secret Garden Party didnt allow it. Still took some obviously but this way it saves you having to hide it.
  22. i remember one day at Sziget there were LOADS of day people, you could spot them a mile off....super clean and glam!! loads of them looked scared looking at all the sweaty dusty campers...no joke, they were moving out your way like you were some smelly hobo xombie!! (and no..it wasnt just me!) but.. if you live near a festival, and they dont do day tickets......how annoying would that be!
  23. i saw an advert the other day saying they were low on all tickets? maybe a marketing ploy...?? no glasto this year, could this have an affect on Bestival tickets?
  24. Hay. I might be doing the Sunday solo. Line up is so good! I'll DM you when i know that I'm definitely going. Cheers Phil
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