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  1. How mad to have a photoshopped photo of Jesus being crucified on a poster..
  2. I managed to get my second pair of tickets for Christine earlier today through a competition. Entered a load a couple weeks ago and only really hearing back now.
  3. I went to a screening of the short film and full-playthrough of the album on Sunday night in London and having had 2 days to mull it over, it's better than SWB. There are a couple songs on the new album that are up there with their best yet and the entire thing flows beautifully. Can't wait to listen to it again on Friday.
  4. Very glad to see Stella Donnelly there.
  5. Booked tickets for this yesterday - I've been diving into the line up over the last couple weeks and the number of amazing names further down the bill is incredible. Think this is the best festival lineup anywhere in the UK this summer.
  6. grayfitz

    2019 Map

    BBC Introducing has moved positions no?
  7. Think they were struggling to fill the bottom half of that poster? Never seen 'Breakfast' and 'Coffee' on a poster before.
  8. grayfitz

    2019 Map

    I think The Temple was a lot better before the upgrade in 2017 - it being 4x bigger ruined it.
  9. You can buy them in cash on site I believe.
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