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  1. The brief wasn't to do Glastonbury based work, they're just previous pieces the artists have done and submitted.
  2. grayfitz


    There’s a lovely 5 minute section about 20/25min in covering their Park gig and how important Glastonbury is to them.
  3. grayfitz

    Other Stage 2020

    First single of album 2 came out last week, so it'll be released by June 100%.
  4. I picked mine up from Waterstones yesterday lunch, and when reading it last night I thought to myself 'I better tell my family I've got this - because I bet one of them is thinking of getting me this', so I message my family WhatsApp with a photo. This morning, my sister text back saying it was in her basket, ready to be ordered. They know me too well.
  5. I saw him come out a longdrop by The Park on the Wednesday - pretty sure he'd just shit.
  6. Could it be old Big Weekend sites? Swansea hosted a couple years ago.
  7. Gone from 9 down to 2 this year, but I'd like to think it's quality of refreshing over quantity within the group.
  8. I've come down with a bug all of a sudden, so I have an Adult ticket for Green Man for sale. Face value, pick up from Central London. https://www.twickets.live/block/768953765189011,1
  9. Probably too recently, but I remember making this back in 2016.
  10. I went on Saturday (Florence/National day) and they did this at one point. Toilets behind the main stage I had used earlier in the day had been switched to womens, with the barriers shifted.
  11. Good day though - Friendly Fires and Dream Wife were highlights.
  12. There was a mass exodus after Bastille - would say about 1/3 of the audience left.
  13. I don’t know if it’s because I relied on Clashfinder more than the BST app for timings, but was beyond chuffed to discover Self Esteem starting on Summer Stage just as I was leaving the pit from The National. Really great day yesterday, Let’s Eat Grandma were another highlight.
  14. Last Picadilly line train going eastbound is 23.52 - I think last year was very badly managed. Will see tonight and tomorrow how it is for Lovebox!
  15. Horror stories last year of people still queuing as the tube closed, leaving them stranded in Acton. I left during TI’s encore last year and had no issues getting home.
  16. Horror stories last year of people still queuing as the tube closed, leaving them stranded in Acton. I left during TI’s encore last year and had no issues getting home.
  17. Matt Corby has pulled out due to health reasons, replaced with Jade Bird. Just updated Clashfinder.
  18. Any word on their support for Glasgow next month yet? Can’t see anything online about it.
  19. grayfitz

    Is It Too Hot?

    Saturday was incredibly hard work, trekked from Hitchin Hill to The Park for VW and by the time I arrived I was sweating buckets and couldn't regulate my temperate or cool down even in the shade. It was tough going, but I bailed on VW two songs in and went to collapse inside John Peel for an hour and crawled back to my tent for 3/4 hours in the shade. Regained myself by 3pm and managed to make it to Self Esteem at BBC Introducing, but it was tough going. The cloud cover from about 4.30pm onwards saved me for sure. Never want to have a day like that on the farm again.
  20. He was right by the barrier for King Princess in The Park on Friday having the time of his life, I saw a video floating around Twitter of him dancing like mad.
  21. Saw Louis Tomlinson queuing for the long drops outside The Park on Wednesday night.
  22. Sharon van Etten Let’s Eat Grandma Christine and the Queens
  23. Exceptional set last - don’t think any other performance can beat that this year.
  24. grayfitz

    Is It Too Hot?

    Kept getting notifications from the app saying bands I wanted to see start soon, but I couldn’t bear to think about the walk there in the heat.
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