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  1. oxford20

    NOS Alive 2018

    Interesting to see peoples views on this, we went in 2016 and my main gripe was that the sound from the main stage was so quiet , assuming it was all ok this year as nobody has mentioned it!?
  2. Me and mates are attending the Metronome Festival this year. CHemical Brothers headlining one of the nights with 2nd headliner to be announced! https://www.metronomefestival.cz/en/ Wondering if anyone is going this year or been previous years as information on it is rather sparse It looks like quite a small festival with 14k capacity
  3. oxford20

    Lollapalooza Paris 2018

    Anyone been to this? Fancy a change from Beni , but the website is very sparse. Assuming the transport from paris center would be good as it is in a city!