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  1. There was a journo sniffing around in the secretglasto DM's. I thought it was an obvious joke. Not sure people taking it as real says more about me or them..
  2. Some of the asdas that used to be nettos have cracking discounts on spirits £30+ bottles for £12 etc. Some kind of special Jack Daniels included Nothing in mine though
  3. They should use a similar set up to Rock Werchter. There are 2 inner pits. Both with turnstiles and a separate exit. Green sign if space or red if full. So you queue to get in the outer pit where you can stay or queue to get in the inner pit. Never overcrowded and clear flow of traffic out a different exit
  4. august1


    surely this is should be in 'The state of the sound' thread?!
  5. august1


    its annoying when you know there is space and try and get past people who don't and get given evils
  6. I think my Friday night headliner might be sitting outside WG and see how many people turn up to watch love island. Not a single person has even checked clashfinder to see if it's a blag.
  7. Test tweet done, the replies
  8. Foals isn't even solid imo. Elbow was nailed on in that slot last time.
  9. Big difference between seeing acts you wouldn't pay to see and people who chain themselves to the pyramid stage so you are both right really.
  10. Red and yellow one in green fields I think. There is a white and green one in there which is a nice chill out on Wednesday/Thursday, slightly quirky and acoustic stuff. Cake and tea, all very civilised to start the day!
  11. we'll get one up before the weekend, don't want to do too many
  12. 101 is going to be a secret radiohead set..
  13. If there a must do thread so thought this was appropriate. Must be plenty of past experience on things not to do! Queuing inside is got to one. Eating at ropey places near the mian stages. Drinking too much the first few nights.
  14. There will be. Doesn't seem to be much demand for them which is surprising given IFTTT gone. Maybe people haven't realised
  15. Preparing for my quarterly performance review
  16. august1

    TBAs 2019

    Robyn in the JP tent makes sense
  17. The word 'good' says everything though. There will be plenty of camping available. We put it in a quiet field which didn't fill up. We didn't leave it behind like half of people at Glastonbury. No one was inconvenienced and we didn't have to clog up the lock ups time.
  18. I'd love it to see it as well!
  19. I'd be amazed if they haven't been offered the chance of a documentary a dozen times before
  20. I'm never going to a Liam Gallagher gig but i'd see Kurt Vile on tour. So i'd pick LG depending on mood
  21. Definitely safer in the lock ups. I'd stick it a little bag rather than envelope.
  22. probably frowned upon but when we did the camper van, we put a pop up tent in the festival with drinks and our warm clothes and waterproofs/wellies for when it gets cold/wet rather than trek back. Usually someone too knackered to head back crashed there of a night as well.
  23. Change happened end of last month I think, think a few will be caught out
  24. set up notification of tweets from SG, hopefully no problem getting data
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