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  1. On 7/29/2022 at 8:16 PM, Matt42 said:

    Interesting discussion this, and I think celebrities should be held to account… but cancel set? No.

    It’s probably because she splits her time between the US and the UK and probably flies over weekly.

    an average flight of 80 mins/140 miles sugguests its internal use in America.

  2. I think they are difficult to place, already done a reunion with hype, secret set boxed off.

    I don't think they are big enough with the under 35s to warrant a headline slot, bit too much of a nostalgic act. I think the other stages would be busy.

    Put them against Swift on the Sunday imo.


  3. 1 hour ago, NorthernSoul52 said:

    Very intrigued by the lack of a Manchester/Liverpool/Yorkshire date on there.

    Two nights at Hyde Park? Two, Jeremy? That's insane.

    Think he's been trying to do a Liverpool date, fairly sure there is no concerts at Anfield next summer due to redevelopment works 

  4. 5 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

    rock and a hard place isnt it ? .... what sort of sources do you have ? im not asking you to name them of course ... but is it leaks that are mostly indirect ? 

    people/mates connected with the band, stage, people working the stage, people who are close to the fest/area, record label, lots of people on site who have seen a sign/heard something. Its utterly random and very few people with repeat info.

    Someone with 60 followers might give us info to amplify it beyond their followers.

    For example Jack White this year, a long time follower of the account got in touch, wouldnt put any info down in writing, I had to ring them up, they wanted to give something back after using the account previously, they had rock solid info but wouldnt give it to us unless we promised not to tweet out until the day so we had to sit on it for 11 days, but I more than heavily hinted it on here.

  5. 1 minute ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

    I guess you could nuke the existing account and create a new locked account you can only get added to via a thread on here.

    However, dunno if that would decrease the usefulness of the account as you'd dry up the useful info you'd get from random.

    just posted below about the self-fulfilling nature of getting info!

  6. 5 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

    Would the info be better shared one a forum such as this so people could make their own decisions on who / what to trust ? and possibly a bit more hidden from the overall public domain ? not sure how easy it would be to keep it totally anonomous though ? its an interesting discussion .... 

    the traffic this website gets in the lead up to the fest is huge, and you see the rumours/info on here spill onto twitter/reddit and blow up, and then ironically people then DM SecretGlasto twitter passing it off as their own info.

    If we scale it back to just here, that would obviously piss off all the twitter followers and i'd imagine the info to the account would dry up as a result and we'd be back to the efests group think on secrets/getting info from other sources and essentially be collating info rather than getting it.


  7. 16 minutes ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

    Depends on whether it's targeted solely at members of this forum or whether it's for anyone to use.  It's the latter that's got it to 50k followers.

    how would you get it back to just being (or mainly) for this forum? genuine question btw. Secret thread for logged in members / new twitter account?

  8. On another related note personally I think the account has gotten so big it can no longer fulfill what it originally set out to do, and could do in its earlier years when it had a few thousand followers and not much of a rep. Was easy to put out info for anyone who followed it to get to all the secrets in good time.

    Loads of people still get info and value from it, but sending something to 50,000 people (contextualise that number for a second!) and their friends is obviously a different beast so the approach needs to be adapted.

    Whats the answer other than to nuke it?  

    Even if that happens, something else will pop up and take its place pretty rapidly.



  9. 1 hour ago, assorted said:

    The secret sets account currently feels like a clique of forum users who get to find out about secret sets before everyone else, but don't actually announce them at all or until it's too late to plan to get there. Maybe the intentions are good ("safety") but the actuality is the account is near useless other than for the people that run it and their friends.

    The only secret set I cared about, Jack White, I saw in the free press that morning before they bothered to announce it.

    Maybe next year the forum can encourage those with knowledge to simply post what they know in the secret sets thread, and let the "secret sets" twitter account do whatever they deem in the name of "safety?" This year I saw a bunch of people with Intel told by posters to DM these people running the account instead of publicly posting what they knew, which became practically useless in terms of letting anyone know other than the account holders.

    As one of those in the 'clique' I can tell you a saw a grand total of zero sets and told noone else any of the info other than my posts here, but spent a fair amount of time combing through info to help run it. Literally of no benefit to meyself. 

    Pretty much all the info was posted up on here in one guise or another. In fact a few people got annoyed at me for repeatedly saying Jack White is the Sunday Park slot, whilst everyone else was still hoping for Green Day.

    Just looking back I posted on here Bastille info 14 June, Jack White 17th June. I think they were the only two we had solid info directly from us, everything else was already out there from other places and we just collate it.

    You say to post it up on here but if we do with great certainty it just ends up on twitter and puts the whole thing in jeopardy of not happening. 

    From the outside looking in, it may seem glamarous or something to be running the account, but there is literally about 700+ DMs in the space of 4-5 days whilst at the fest to deal with. Worrying about peoples safety, as well not wanting to send out duff info.


  10. what was the stage lyric?

    not sure why this chap has started this campaign now, noticed he'd been spamming loads of big glasto accounts, now DM article and still 200 sigs. Wonder if they want the glory of being responsible for the name change. Not the first time this convo has come up.

    Can't see them changing it for this reason. 

  11. Isn't the legends slot just boosting the ego of acts who wouldn't normally play so low down/small fee so the fest gets acts it wouldn't normally. 

    Lots of names being thrown about already have played normal Pyramid slots. 

    Don't think it would be the worse thing to retire the slot for a bit than shoehorn someone in for the sake of it

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