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  1. Nice! Good luck with it! I’d be interested to know your take on the accessibility of the monorail
  2. Common people on the adverts inbetween acts
  3. rascalpete


    Seeing this action over the past few days, it’s finally settling in… it’s nearly here people!!
  4. rascalpete

    Tent Poll 2022

    Got one for Leeds last year replacing our quencha non-fresh-and-black pop up…. Would never go back
  5. rascalpete


    They might be just as excited as we are and want to crack on to get it looking good.
  6. The excitement is seriously setting in now reading this thread with the hopes of a frequent drip on announcements!!
  7. Didn’t they have their movie played a couple of years ago at the fest? and have tweeted about the festival before, so they understand the festival I believe.. but yeah they are all about the money. I’d go see them. Edit: just looked, can’t find the tweet, I'm probably wrong
  8. I heard a rumour it was going to be his face adorned on top of the pyramid this year
  9. Me too, the enthusiasm, the line up predictions gets me excited for the festival!
  10. And the walk through the UV lights wristband check thing back to the campsite was grim
  11. Such sad news of the passing of a truly brilliant, charismatic drummer. RIP Taylor.
  12. rascalpete


    And so it begins!!! Where’s the ‘it’s happening’ gif!!
  13. Was hoping for nothing but thieves being there!
  14. Does @eFestivals tell us to stand by our beds on the day of or the day before? May not even be tomorrow!
  15. In and absolutely buzzing to be back at the farm!!
  16. Would we be expecting activity when it is? When does the build typically start?
  17. 4/6 - two of our group are no longer interested in going and have other stuff planned this summer.
  18. This has happened to 2 first timers from my group who have already decided - 2 more in the pot
  19. Billie/gaga/Florence - trio of female headliners?
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