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  1. This sounds wonderful great list A few of these would be most welcome Can I add Anna Von Hausswolff to the list
  2. Yes Battles are long overdue. Would be great to see them there. John Stanier is such a great drummer
  3. Super Furry Animals would be just perfect for the Thursday Evening
  4. The Necks, Deafheaven, Colin Stetson, Grouper, Anna Von Hausswolff, The Soft Pink Truth, Sturgill Simpson, Hey Colossus, Flying Lotus , a return of Dirty Three it's been too long . Bonnie Prince Billy / Superwolves
  5. Really good. I saw them in 2017 at the Supersonic festival. Then they got on the Karaoke doing early Black Sabbath
  6. Yes I think you're right Run the jewels are too big. Would be great though. Sault would be great
  7. Definetly Clipping Run the jewels Sault
  8. It's incredible that the Green Man somehow managed to pull that line up off, such short notice. Without cancellations. Extremely lucky
  9. I thought SMS or Email was what was needed but after reading information again looks like NHS app
  10. Was really hoping Black Country , New Road would have been on the Garden Stage also shocking clash with Crack Cloud . Comet is Coming and Anna Meredith is also a brutal clash
  11. I know many people who've been double vaccinated that now have covid. I Will be definetly be keeping my distance from people before the event
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