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  1. When do we think some further acts will be announced ? Any rumours about ?
  2. Latest email says more acts to be added soon . Whi do we think could be added ?
  3. I would be happy with the Vaccines
  4. I do remember seeing him at T in the worst conditions I’ve ever been at . Not sure if he’s a headliner
  5. Just had a notification confirming Frank Turner for the Saturday night
  6. Just seen the TRNSMT line up - feeling positive about EF announcement
  7. I’d imagine tomorrow - let the fuss of TRNSMT die down a bit , unless they are confident in the line up
  8. Haha - no worries , I thought you had some inside info
  9. Are they playing ? They were brilliant last year - Defo not the Sunday though
  10. Some great bands in there and I would be happy with them in the line up . Anyone think Frank Turner is a possibility ?
  11. Very good point . Iv seen the TRNSMT rumours and nothing spectacular . Not heard any rumours at all for EF
  12. Think your right , just seen that TRNSMT are announcing today . Maybe next week
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