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  1. Just as we’d set up camp first thing Wednesday morning, a guy came over and asked if he could borrow my ancient sack trolley to get his gear up to Pennards As weird as it sounds I had no hesitation in saying yes (he looked fckd and it was red hot) and just made the point that having done 8 Glasto s, that trolley meant a lot to me Camp mates thought I was stupid and that was the last we’d seen of it, but it came back Thursday morning and much rejoicing was had by all So Aaron if you’re reading this.. hope you had a great time and all that Glastonbury is the best x
  2. Proper actual guffaw at that
  3. Fairly certain that they’ve stopped doing festivals
  4. 56 but decided to regress from 50, so if I’m lucky I’ll end at 100 on the nose makes for a great 2nd half 🚀🚀
  5. Glastonbury is different to most of the other biggest festivals so the infrastructure investment is there. On most festival republic sites it isn’t and caused massive issues last year
  6. This is one of the biggest problem traders have.. festival organisers want cash free so they can take money off the traders at point (a big % of gross isn’t unusual) and also keep track of spending all over the festival.. when the signal is poor (it always is due to big crowds and rural locations) and punters have no cash then sales are lost and it is a huge problem
  7. Those controlling our money want a cash free society..so use it or lose it
  8. My recollection was 8pm opening time so was surprised to see 9pm on the website.. that’s an important hour not sleeping
  9. deschwah

    Car park opening

    Can only see this on main website about when the car parks open clearly says 2020 so can anyone shed any light on this?
  10. Got some tickets (dont ask) so thats a start
  11. Phil Hartnoll self confirmed at a talk in Leeds yesterday They are closing at silver Hayes on the Sunday night
  12. great idea guys hope you get to return in 2020
  13. just seen this doh was a bit concerned when half that pic came up, but its only BoBo what a night in that tent with the rain outside..
  14. this happens all the time at festivals traders get used to a pitch especially if it makes money but its not actually theirs, and when inevitably things change people just don't like it and often 'huff off' there's always someone else ready to [often pay more] and take their place, especially with a good catering pitch so it becomes political. you have to look at the whole UK festival season because its not just one gig in a field because its a very small world apparently
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