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  1. 1mills

    Arcade Fire

    Really looking forward to the gig in Blackpool now. So glad I got tickets (even if ended up getting grief off the missus). Not entirely sure on what to do with the fancy dress/formal. May suit and boot with facepaint or something.
  2. 1mills

    Rolling Stones...

    The Rolling Stones twitter account just tweeted that the Hyde Park live album is available on Itunes now, thought may be of interest to some.
  3. 1mills

    Rolling Stones...

    I'll definitely be interested, but currently waiting on payday funds. I like the other ones on your site aswell, so will be investing in them also.
  4. 1mills

    Rolling Stones...

    Yeah I'd definitely be interested in one.
  5. 1mills

    Rolling Stones...

    I didn't need an excuse to go home early, just cracked it on the works internet......
  6. 1mills

    Nick Cave

    Gutted I didn't go. I'm far from a big Nick Cave fan, as been trying to get into slowly in the past few years, but would have gone but most on here in advance were saying how the new album won't suit the slot and how bad the crowd were last time (plus new my mates wouldn't like) etc, so thought I'd be better off trying to catch at their own gig. Didn't even know much of Smashing Pumpkins in advance and in fairness, they were really good too. Suppose you can't win them all!
  7. 1mills

    Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    Good work, I'd been starting to do something kind of similar, so will have a look and give thoughts on anything to add.