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  1. I just shivered reading that.
  2. 2011 was a pimple on the bone chilling incessant muzzle of 2007. I still feel cold, wet and miserable thinking about it.
  3. Good post. I'm not knocking the festival for being mega popular. I did prefer it previously overall, when it felt more like an alternative thing to do. It's a little like discovering a band on the up, wishing they would make it big, then feeling a little underwhelmed when they do at having to see them in mega venues and not intimate flea pits, and feeling they no longer "belong" to you. The point of my post was just to enquire whether people thought this mega popularity would last for ever. Thanks for trying to answer that. I suspect we will have peak Glasto for the next few years. Then it'll die down a bit. The current popularity is down to a recent fallow year, amazing weather and the 50th anniversary. Also social media - hadn't considered that —but you are right. Everybody sees their friends there having a good time despite any horror stories or misgivings they may have had beforehand then want to go themselves. And once you've been, as we all know, you're going to want to go again, aren't you?
  4. There are far more people registered now than then. It was easier. I'm sure some missed out, and perhaps we were all just lucky, but I never really had great difficulty until about 2013 I'd reckon.
  5. Ohinever

    2020 headliners

    By experimental, it might mean actually good.
  6. "The Pilton Pop Festival" should have been a clue in all fairness.
  7. Ohinever


    He's basically Freddie Mercury though, isn't he?
  8. It would be if that was what I was doing. I was merely referencing a year when it found it a hard sell. By this I mean merely people who have never shown an interest in any festival, camping or even live gigs as a concept, who all now want to go to Glastonbury specifically. It's become a phenonema that transcends people's usual modus operandi. If people think this statements a "load of shit" then don't moan if it ever turns in a hunter welly and tory fest. People can go for whatever reason they like, and I make no comment on the validity of those reasons. Just that it now appeals to those who have never been interested in such an event. I still enjoy Glastonbury, so I still go. BTW, I disagree with the poster above that it was just as hard to get tickets in the 2005 era. It was more difficult, in that you had to stay on the phone/net for hours, but If you did, you got them.
  9. The popularity of the festival is now unprecedented. People who have never shown an interest in it, in all the years I have been going, have tried and failed or succeeded in getting tickets for next year. My cousin, who is about the least festivalling type you could imagine, has contacted me today to say he is going next year. Several others of similar ilk have contacted me about getting tickets. Glastonbury is no longer a festival. It is a cultural behomoth, its own meme, and can not be contained. Will it ever return to 2008 levels of relatively disinterest? All talk of ticketing systems are entirely redundant when faced with the above. What could return it to a festival for festival people?
  10. Ohinever

    Diana Ross

    Sweet! Crowd will be masssssiiiiivvveeeee!
  11. Ohinever


    My mate played keyboard with him and now does for Mike and the Mechanics. Got mysteriously dropped, and some say it was because he had a massive thread devoted to him alone on the Mika forum!!!
  12. Saw them in Sheffield on that tour. They couldn't be arsed.
  13. Same old variation and I understand and empathise with your disappointment. However this thread should really be titled "There has to be a better way to allocate ME tickets". Meh, I like t day with its ups and downs. First weekend October/resale day are as much a fixture as Xmas, Easter and the festival itself.
  14. Ohinever

    Pilton Party 2019

    Last year was pretty lively, to say the least.
  15. This certainly wasn't enforced this year. And couldn't be as it would mean peeps couldn't get away for the week if they wanted to transfer their tickets over? I think it means only the first entry is wrist banded, and any subsequent users of the ticket need the ticket, slip and pass out to gain entry.
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