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  1. Mardy

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    I listened to this for the first time last night and once again this morning. i really like it. It's a proper full-on rock star breakdown crisis album. In the great tradition of successful acts going a bit loopy and being full of existential panic on their 5th or 6th record. For me, the best thing they've done since their first
  2. hehehe, that all read much more as joined up in my head. I'm posting in between other stuff. Not very coherent this morning
  3. Sorry @Odessa, that came across asa bit rude describing you as 'the poster from yesterday'. Apologies. Yeah, I think all of these things are symptomatic of small incremental changes, in both football and gig-going; over-expansion of football clubs etc, greed from the clubs, ticket agencies etc. I see it as all connected and the answer needs to be radical rethinking of these things rather than just a tinkering with some details. I had such high hopes for AFC Wimbledon and FCUM and they've both fucked it, as far as I can see. When you've got a situation where, as an example, Peter Kay can sell 94 stadium dates out 2 years in the future, there's something very unusual going on culturally
  4. This is what I've been badly trying to articlulate over the last couple of days. Neil puts it better than I can.
  5. Yeah, I've been following this quite closely. Some of my friends from Liverpool have been trying to get tickets, and have involved in this seasons away matches etc. They've said there's much more of a 'family' feeeling to this seqson's exploits, lots of people helping each other out, and looking out for each other. More so than in other recent years. Everyone seems properly taken with it. I really don't know how you reconcile the loyalty/devotion aspect of it to ideas of fairness. The line is different for everyone, I guess and we all draw it in a different place. I do think football benefits from having a following there, and in contrast to the other poster from yesterday, I sort of understand why some people have a problem with football tourism, i.e people flying in to a foreign country and going to it as an 'experience' with no emotional investment etc. It's got be detrimental, at some point, to the atmosphere. Same as gig chatterers, i guess. Mind you, I see that AFC Wimbledon are saying that they won't let you renew your season ticket if you've been to less than 80% of games, which is taking it to the opposite extremes. Overall, whether it's football or gigs, i guess I want people there who really want to be there. How you identify that, I don't really know, but the NIN's way is, as least, attempting to address that.
  6. Yeah, i'm not thinking so much about Glastonbury, i guess because tickets can’t be resold, i dunno. Perhaps people are less likely to buy them on a whim.
  7. I think that’s really admirable of Glastonbury's part, the definite decision not to offer any advantage to returning festival goers. But i can see arguments for say, that stone roses thing too. I donkt know how you balance things with gigs, but i genuinely believe that just hammering away at f5 on a friday morning 18 months before a gig happens isn’t the best way to do it.
  8. Well, i'm pondering ways of ensuring the fairness of tickets in relation to commitment etc. How do you feel about overseas fans buying up City's tickets, and coming along as a tourist experience, say?
  9. Is that bloke fourth from the left a time traveller talking on a mobile phone?
  10. Genuine question, how do you feel about football clubs selling tickets based on membership, loyalty points etc etc. the other thing that i keep thinking about is that first stone roses comeback gig where you had to turn up with a piece of memorabilia to gain entrance.
  11. Yeah, that’s it, i reckon. Half online, half on site, everyone needs to show id to get in. Like all these issues, the problems could be solved if there was any will to do it, but everybody is ready to just accept the status quo. the other idea is you have a network of authorised sellers (local record shops?) selling them around the country. They are networked and you control distribution digitally. You physically queue, but at a location near(ish) to you.
  12. It’s amazing anybody managed to go to a gig before the internet, isn't it? Hooray for see tickets, ticketmaster and all those other fine upstanding institutions.
  13. Currently, people who have a job which allows them to be on the Internet at 10am on a friday morning (when most ticket sales happen). I’m always pleased that Glastonbury has its sales on a Sunday which helps more people.
  14. That’s a logical, well-balanced and reasonable post. What the hell do you think you’re playing at?

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