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  1. Daft Punk opens pyramid stage on Thursday Night
  2. Theresa May and Donny Trump in stocks at the common during the tomato fight on Sunday afternoon.
  3. Just popping my head in the door to say good luck to all of you stuck in this thread and entering every competition for the next few weeks. I was here on this thread in 2016, and know how desperate it is. To the people who got tickets in October and the resale who chirp up "that was easier than last year..." Never forget the poor souls in this thread. This hell will pass, Karma owes you. Never give up, and see you on site in June Big Love Neil
  4. Here's a few snaps i took on my phone last year to gets you in the mood
  5. @eFestivals neil, can we embed from instagram here? I notice someone in the site pics thread did. I tried but failed. Im using Safari on iOS
  6. Flog it (face value) to someone who looks like you. There must be loads here... I'd take the chance
  7. is anyone trying for just one ticket?
  8. 400 pages of unadulterated frustration coming up
  9. The Guardian still havent called me. anyone else?
  10. no way. i did that in 2005, and kept shouting at the telly, "that's not the glastonbuty I know"
  11. you do realise that somewhere in a parallel forum, there's just as many people trying to get the crumbs of V Festival ticket returns just like us? or maybe not
  12. this one: Get your your glasto Tickets here sorry, couldnt resist. good luck
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