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  1. Yeah, I checked the eFests story after I saw your first post. FNo6 must have put that in the press release, but it's not mentioned on the website... just 'festival exclusive' - right next to MBV, like it has next to the Manics (Who, actually are a festival exclusive as far as I can tell) Regardless, doesn't retract from it. Good announcement, festival looks great... A conversation with Guy Garvey too, sounds pretty cool. Trying to figure out a travel plan right now.
  2. Does the website say England & Wales exclusive? On the poster I saw, it just said Festival Exclusive...
  3. MBV are playing TITP as well... Headlining exclusive maybe, but not festival exclusive - despite what the FNo6 website says. A couple of cool additions, Public Service Broadcasting added. Yeah, gonna have to work this out I think
  4. I've been looking at the festival website admiringly for a couple of weeks now. Have sorely missed the Manics and am excited to see them return to UK dates... FNo6 is tempting me.
  5. A bunch of the x factor hopefuls are in the theatre near us. Might take the chance to kill some? Worthwhile?

  6. Thanks so much for all the birthday messages (which subsequently drained the last remnants of my battery on Sunday at TITP - f**kers! :P) I had another amazing birthday weekend & turning 25 didn't make hangovers any worse thankfully. Pulp playing on my 25th - couldn't have spent it a better way. Thanks again. x

  7. Holy f**king Hangover

  8. Looking through the Fringe programme - found about 45 shows to see without really trying... Seriously thinking about moving to Edinburgh for 3 weeks.

  9. Rockness!! Hiya - it's been so long!

  10. Saw my teenage wishes come true tonight & saw KoRn live. They absolutely lived unto my expectations & played a hitlist of tracks. Amazing!!

  11. Stress fractures to the 4th and/or 5th metatarsals. Another week or two rest and all should be healed

  12. Northern Lights festival announced - Seaton Park Aberdeen. Last weekend in July... Madness headlining one of the days.

  13. Decided I'm going to go to this now as well, Stockton Calling. The View, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Withered Hand, Motorama, The Chapman Family, Let's Buy Happiness, Polarsets, Mitchell Museum, Washington Irving, Port Authority, Queen Anne's Revenge, The Daydream Club, Dirty Weekend, Chased By Wolves, Cattle & Cane, O'Messy Life, Arcs and Trauma, Jimmy & The Sounds Be Quiet, Shout Loud, Young Hegelians, Sister Rose, The Gares, The Winterhill Transmission, The Kallinger Brothers, Rikki and the Porters, Randy and the Handstand Band, Soviet Disco, Our Secret Sins Pretty much just to see Withered Hand again soon - but also to catch the other bands I bolded
  14. Bonobo @ Edinburgh Picture House is my next gig. Couple of weeks of work first up, Bonobo is the light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. How were ATE? & Did you catch Aerials Up in Support? I'm pretty into those guys, really love some of their stuff.
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