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  1. Take our kids every year, 11, 10 and 7 this time. They love it and this year we didn't actually go in the Kids field...(I know, shameful) They love Greenpeace, Theatre areas, Avalon and Shangri-la during the day. We stayed over at the West camper van field this time and they loved Arcadia before it got busy. I would say, go for it, you don't have to be in the Kids field all day as the kids love loads of other areas too. So much for them to see and do everywhere. Helter Skelter in Avalon for example. Dodgems at the Pier this year too.....oh, and all free....
  2. Rodney Branigan-one man two guitars was very good when he played at Glastonbury Extravaganza last year as a late appearance when Paloma was sick. He is well worth a watch.
  3. SecretShame

    Resale Club 2019

    Ah, not now. Was as of about 3 min ago. Just had a quick try on my tablet and it went straight through. Showing as all gone now though.
  4. SecretShame

    Resale Club 2019

    Thursday still showing as available.
  5. We take our 3, the youngest was 2 when she first went. Shes now 7. We take them to the SE corner but late afternoon, early evening when it's a bit quieter. Also, cook breakfast as others have said and as there is so much good food, share main meals so they get to try lots of different things. Carry the stainless steel water bottles round to refill for free at the taps/water aid points. Have a nap in the afternoon means they can stay up later. Don't over pack as ours tend to wear the same things unless it's a really wet one (which it won't be)
  6. This is our first time in West, always stayed in CV East before. On the Tuesday after setting up we normally go for a walk off site. Does anyone know once you are in West, can you get in and out by foot? A pint in the Apple Tree Inn would be nice. ?
  7. I seem to recall the last time (2016 for the 2017 festival) the local sale lasted longer. My memory of it was that it was less than an hour, but more than 20m.
  8. Second sale (this morning) - sold out in 3 min.
  9. SecretShame

    The Jacksons

    Gave up on this. Sound was shocking.
  10. Keg but still very nice, hoppy light and cold which was nice in this weather.
  11. The scorchio IPA is lovely.
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