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    He was very good last night, voice sounded great, band sounded great a very emotional/melodramatic evening. Setlsit pulled heavily from the new album but it was a tour for the album so why shouldn't it? I liked WPINOYB but after hearing the songs live last night i like it even more. The crowd was awful, absolutely shocking! Full of drunk c**ts who had no interest in the music! Complaining of no smiths songs all the way through and then yapped all the way through Asleep. Troglodytes, absolute troglodytes. As I left all I could hear was people saying how awful it was and what a w*nker morrissey was for not playing 'any' smiths songs. The crowd was full of people who would have been quite happy for him to play charming man, panic and there is a light and fuck off. Who pays £70 to see someone and doesn't even bother to give their new album, or any of their albums, a listen!! I just felt like telling all those people if they want to see a load of smith songs go and see the smyths do a decent cover or marr murder those songs in his solo shows. TL;DR Morrissey top melodramatic form Crowd, bunch of c**ts.
  2. I just saw an interview with alex salmond where it was pointed out that his argument of 'we don't get the government we vote for' is rubbish as for 13 out of the last 17 years we've had a labour PM and a majority of scottish MPs being labour. Alex's rebuttal was that for his 60 years on earth for about half the time the government has been Tory as opposed to the majority of scottish labour MPs. However isn't that just democracy in a FPTP society? Sometimes you won't get the government you voted for and sometimes you will. This seems more of a vote for a 'proportional' voting system than independence... however dont get me started on voting systems To me it underlines salmonds hypocrisy. He'll say whatever suits his campaign no matter the evidence or consequences. The No campaign has acknowledged Scotland can go it alone but are better with the Union, the Yes has been very narrow minded in its musings of how Friday 19th September will look, in my opinion. Just my two cents on a random interview I saw. Overall I think they'll be a no vote but i'm increasingly, and irrationally, wanting a yes as I'm fed up of the scots wanting to have their cake and eat it! Lets just hope the losing side tomorrow graciously accepts defeat.
  3. GuitarManDan15

    royal blood

    Anyone else think that the 'singles' from the album sound a bit overproduced? The non-singles sound a bit more 'raw' and like a two piece, riff based, bass and drum combo should sound like. I still like the singles but little monster especially sounds 'too' polished, if thats a thing
  4. GuitarManDan15

    royal blood

    If it was aimed at me i got two for friday night via stargreen so it's all good
  5. GuitarManDan15

    royal blood

    London was pretty brutal. Ticketweb, ticketmaster, seetickets and G&T all said sold out at one second past 9! Kept going though as have got tickets for things at about quarter past when people lose reserved tickets and managed to get two on stargreen!!
  6. GuitarManDan15

    royal blood

    anyone got the presale link, didn't get one and didnt realise the london date isnt 02 priority
  7. Absolutely sweet F A for the 6th year running so far. I even live in sodding London!
  8. Secret Set?... Announced?... Oxymoron?...
  9. A few years back £44 would be expensive for an arena show but not now. Lots of them are £60/70/80 with some being even more expensive than that. It's not cheap but it's not excessively expensive. I think the Velociraptor tour was around £40-50 as well. Also why wouldn't a band announce a tour to support their new album a month after it came out and a few days after they headlined the biggest festival in the country? I'd shoot the PR manager if they didn't do that!
  10. Wasn't keen on the damon song but I will say one thing for him, he looked like he was having a bloody good time and really enjoying himself. Which is always nice to see. I always enjoy a performance more if the band look like theyre having a ball too
  11. Oh and loved the bass player from dap kings! Looked like david blaine and borats love child! He was getting down with his bad self in that groove that only weird looking bass players can find
  12. I guess BK playing gold in the ceiling was a combo of things. Probably want to keep a lid on new stuff so will only play two new songs, fever and turn blue, and as tuesday night is live maybe they didn't feel ready to play turn blue live on TV. May see turn blue on friday as you get a couple of goes at those songs if I remember rightly.
  13. Thought Mr Nutini was good, really like his voice, the funk your life up song and diana were better than the last one Royal blood were good, very novel, catchy riffs and musically impressive. Would catch them live but worried they're a bit of a one trick pony The first song neil finn did, dizzy heights, was great, really like it but the other two weren't as good Joan, Jazz women and the stupid blonde women all did nothing for me. Though Joan certainly had an interesting looking backing band Anyone know who's on next week?
  14. Ever year I'm always suprised by the level of bands they get to play Sabbath? Prince? Not sure if jack white would do it, he fucking hates people taking pictures at gigs so I think he'd flip his shit if he saw an itunes fest show!
  15. I completely agree with you, seen some bands who I know are brilliant live trot out some right shit on there. My main problem with Eagulls performance is they couldn't look less bothered about being there! 'Later' is great exposure for an up and coming band, and like it or not it's a british music institutions. You could at least look happy to be there! If my band ever got on 'Later' i'd be over the moon!
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