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  1. gizmoman

    don't mess with the badgers

    Glad to hear it! It was ommadawn's comment "His cows rarely (if ever) leave the cow shed " that got me wondering, I'm sure Eavis and his managers do their best for the cows. They wouldn't be winning prizes for dairy management otherwise.
  2. gizmoman

    don't mess with the badgers

    Well I guess that answers my question, what do you make of the "cows are back" video? Propaganda for the average festival goer or maybe proof that that cows are partially pasture fed (even if it is only 1 day a year). https://youtu.be/rsq1FhXF5xk
  3. gizmoman

    don't mess with the badgers

    Hmm, you would have thought there was plenty of pasture for them, if they are kept indoors in an intensive farming regime there would be a greater risk of TB spreading rapidly if one got infected. Maybe Eavis's cows don't live the idyllic life represented by the festival when they showed the "cows are back" video after the cleanup. Compassion in world farming are against intensive dairy. https://www.ciwf.org.uk/our-campaigns/dairy/ I'm not saying Eavis uses this method, I have no idea, maybe Ommadawn knows more. Edit, there is little evidence of cows on google earth pics and on the numerous site visits done by people on here.
  4. gizmoman

    Mark E Smith

    Strangely, the dozens of ex band members he "bullied" and the wives he "beat" rarely say anything negative about him, Brix even kept the name Smith after the divorce, she still uses it today. Maybe there was a bit more to the man than you think. You certainly haven't realised how funny Mark could be, I rarely saw a Fall gig where I didn't laugh out loud at something he did or said. Here's what Brix had to say about him passing, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUYbQWHXcAAeGbl.jpg:large
  5. gizmoman

    Paloma faith

    Just before the release of her new album, the cynical might see this as a publicity stunt, but I'm probably being a bit unfair on her, of course she has the right to raise her kids as she sees fit and the press may well have exaggerated the gender neutral angle but I think she should keep her private life private. I like Paloma, have seen her a few times but she could do with following Bjork's example (an artist with a similar profile and outlook) and refuse to comment on her personal life, protect your family from the press.
  6. gizmoman

    Paloma faith

    This is precisely what Paloma is doing by making this public announcement, this is not about the welfare of her child just a ridiculous way of her expressing her desire to promote LGBT issues and to be seen as a modern parent. She could have easily kept this decision private and raised her child without the glare of publicity, by refusing to disclose the childs sex and announcing to the world her intention to treat it this way she is opening herself and her child up to unneccessary speculation in the press. Children need love and guidence not to be part of some bizarre social experiment.
  7. gizmoman

    Murder at Bestival

    With suspicion being the relevant word not murder, the police have explained the reason for the arrest - to interview under caution, if they interviewed him informally and it turned out he was responsible that evidence may be challenged, seems to me the arrest is a procedural thing rather than proof she was murdered. (doesn't mean she wasn't either). Very sad in any case.
  8. gizmoman

    Murder at Bestival

    Some pretty big assumptions being made in this thread, that article doesn't say anything about anyone being murdered, they don't yet know the cause of death or the circumstances surrounding it, the reason for the arrest is also explained. May well be a drug related death.
  9. gizmoman

    V Festival banning stage times?

    Quite a few festivals don't publish stage times and then charge for the lanyard, here's a tip, go to the mixing desk, the sound man will almost always have a printed list at the side readable from a distance, take a pic or write them down. Won't work for a big multi stage festival but for the smaller ones with just 1 or 2 big stages it can be worth the effort.
  10. gizmoman

    Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    You are quite right there is absolutely no need for people to be traveling from other countries to do this type of work, there are thousands out of work in Bristol who could have been doing it. The fact that they have come here in the hope of getting the same amount of work they got last year is unfortunate, the 'litter harvest' failed so there were no 'crops' to pick, it's an act of god (weather) and maybe a sign that the punters are becoming more responsible, protesting because they didn't get the work they were expecting is futile, it simply was bad luck for them. This situation has nothing in common with Zero Hour Contracts where your 'victorian' comment is spot on - the cherished EU workers rights people were afraid of losing via brexit are worked around or ignored by many employers, this is where Labour should be concentrating their attentions.
  11. gizmoman

    Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/glastonbury-festival-litter-pickers-statement/ It wasn't a zero hours contract, 8 hours guaranteed.
  12. gizmoman

    Kris Kristofferson.....

  13. gizmoman

    Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    I've been going to gigs for over 40 years and this has not been an issue until recently as far as i'm aware (though i'm sure there have been a few isolated incidents in the past). Maybe it's because there are more girls attending on their own or with female friends than there were in the old days when most girls were with a male friend so they are now seen as easy prey, whatever the reason, if bands are having to tell the audience not to grope girls there is something seriously wrong. This behavior could result in innocent blokes being accused of touching as it is next to impossible to move through a busy crowd without making contact with people, This needs reporting to security each and every time it happens and the offenders reported to the police, once a few get prosecuted (or even just ejected from gigs) the message will start to get through. If guys see this happening at a gig they need to get involved and put a stop to it.
  14. gizmoman

    Nice Surprises

    Nice to see Toots and the Maytels at the truth stage after missing the west holts slot, wasn't expecting that!