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    i was on the edge and found it a bit meh....something you can bob along to...and then they would drop a dad rock tune i've never heard of...place would go nuts, then back to the bobbing. but i wanted something a bit more ravey
  2. we've got an apartment but have been told its worth getting campsite passes as well... are there any advantages of having this pass? i think you get access to the campsite beach etc and can you buy them at the festival? thanks :angry: EDIT: surely you dont need a campsite pass to be allowed on the beach?
  3. bbc highlights only show 4 tracks, which is SHITE. anyone have a link to the whole thing? ta
  4. Brizzle

    Having a smoke

    security are NOT allowed to search your tent, so he was trying to rob you.
  5. of course not. still have to buy food/toiletries/drugs etc
  6. for dnb: Commix High Contrast London Elektricity Chase & Status dont know anything about techno so cant comment
  7. is this charge coming into effect from next week? im flying on ryan air in july but not doing on line check in...will i be charged...?
  8. no....NO it must be N*E*R*D* i am far too excited about kicking off my weekend with them. IT HAS TO BE THEM.
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