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  1. Dave F.

    Has anyone here ever met Jarvis Cocker of Pulp?

    I met him outside London's Queen Elizabeth Hall during the interlude for The John Peel Day memorial gig, which JC was helping compère. I had a fag in my mouth while patting my pockets searching for my lighter. With that, there was a tap on my arm from behind & an extended arm reached out with the offer of a light. I lit my cigarette & turned to see it was Jarvis. I thanked him & said something like 'it's a pleasure to meet you, just wish it wasn't under these circumstances'. He agreed with me. I can't remember the rest of the brief conversation, but he was clearly a 'very nice bloke'. Strange thing; as I returned to the building after my smoke, I bumped into Feargal Sharkey, also compèring, Even though I knew he was to be there that night, instead of saying 'Hi', all I could emit was the screech of an excited thirteen year old girl. He escaped quickly down to the Thames South bank.
  2. Dave F.

    What I learnt during the ticket sale.

    ... is that I'm the biggest, yet luckiest, idiot around. My experience/tips for resale: Type out your registration code, postcode, card number and CVV number (the three digits on the back of the card) into a word document/text file *well* before ticket day. Check they're correct & make sure you know where you've saved it. Copy/pasting into the Glasto/See webform is so much better than typing in all the info when you're a combination of exited/nervous & panicked. There are 6 minutes to to do this before you get temporarily blocked. You don't need to fill in your name/full address. That will be auto filled in if your reg number & postcode are verified See/Glasto don't accept Amex I made the mistake of not doing the above. I tried my Amex first, then mistyped my other card, I started to panic slightly. Then I realized I couldn't read my CVV number as it had worn off. I was in full on headless chicken panic mode by now. Desperately trying to remember my CVV number the timer clock ran out. You can't believe how stupid I felt. I tried reentering my reg number but the page told me someone (me) was using that number. I then notice there was a reset button near the bottom of the page. I clicked that, thinking I'd be sent to the back of the queue. but I was just asked for my reg again. I'm unsure how, as my brain was mush by then, but I somehow managed to remember my CVV & type the numbers correctly. I am now the proud owner of a conformation email. Bottom Line: Be prepared. Don't panic. Good Luck
  3. Dave F.


    I think it's been raked rather than cut as there's no sign of cuttings. Shot of Wicket Ground being tended to.
  4. Dave F.

    Photos from site Wednesday 20th April

    Took my annual bike ride down to Worthy Farm
  5. Dave F.


    From my memory the frame did get planning as it was a waste of paperpushing, not only for GlastonburyFestival Ltd, but Mendip District Council. As well as normal farm activity (muck spreading & grass raking), there was minor bits of festival activity happening all around the site on Wednesday. Drainage work in the main market area (first photo) & gravel laying track repairs where you enter the market from the left hand side of the pyramid field (second photo). There's also remedial work occurring on many of the long drops As intimated by Emily, there's some work happening in the copse near where John Peel is being relocated. I won't post any in that area as I think people will want to discover it for themselves. The third photo will be the drag from the pyramid to the (old) Peel field. Beat Hotel would be on the right.
  6. Dave F.


    Semi-permanent Here's a shot I took of the foundations this Wednesday. (Bet that makes you feel really excited for the festival )
  7. Dave F.

    Site Vist 22/04/15

    Went for a bike ride around the site.
  8. Dave F.

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Eh... Sorry. (How do I delete posts?)
  9. Dave F.

    Nick Cave

    Excuse ignorance, but who was on guitar duty? It doesn't look like Ed Kuepper.
  10. Dave F.

    Your favourite Glasto images

    That was a great stage, but obviously got a bit to crowded at night. On a Sunday afternoon whilst wondering past, me & a mate saw Fatboy S. lurking in the background. We hung around to see what might happen. He came on wearing a stags head & preceded to play a great set of what can be best described as eclectic - dance tunes mixed in with cheesy hits of the eighties (I can't remember which song, but a Queen remix was a highlight for me) What I found ironic is that he played to thousands the night before, but there must have been a maximum of 100-200 that afternoon with everybody wandering past wondering who that dick on stage was. It was the start of a great day for me that just got better & better. Ah, I Love Glastonbury.
  11. Dave F.

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Are you sure? Take a look: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?ie=UTF8&...082397&z=15 Expand to fit your screen & pan over. Look at the angle of the pyramid.
  12. Dave F.

    glasto 08

    Site Visit 10/05/08